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Theatre Arts

CSUSM Theatre provides a well-rounded and inclusive education in a vibrant and supportive learning environment.  

CSUSM Theatre Arts presents the Fall 2020 Virtual Season

CSUSM Solo Performances

CSUSM Theatre Presents the 2020 Solo Performance Festival. 

Join us for an evening of short, solo performances by CSUSM Theatre students.  You might just find yourself in an existential zoom room experience or lamenting the loss of human connection during Covid-19. You’ll explore the dark side of a Hollywood fairy tale, journey back through time to WWII to visit a Japanese internment camp, go on a first date, and learn the real meaning of love. 

Facilitated by Macedonio Arteaga and Jessica Cortez


December 3 & 4, 2020    7:00 pm

Streaming LIVE on CSUSM Theatre YouTube page

Admission is FREE and no reservation is needed. 


A Zoom of One's Own  

A Zoom of One's Own by Maria Patrice Amon and Sonia Desai 

Catch up with the girls in the Zoom room!

Join Malinche (legendary Nahua interpreter), Charlotte Cushman (cross-dressing US actress), CJ Walker (first female millionaire in the US), Selena (Mexican-American pop singer), and Jahsi Ki Rani (India’s warrior queen) as they explore their various art practices, business ideas, and activism through social media. Sing along with Selena as she shares a new YouTube video about Dreamers; join CJ Walker on Instagram for a free hair care tutorial;  smarten up with Charlotte Cushman as she works on a new Buzzfeed article, get your rage on with Malinche on her Twitter tirade, and sharpen your defense skills with Jhansi Ki Rani as she demonstrates with best self-defense moves of 2020 through Facebook live!


November 19  - 21, 2020    7:00 pm

Streaming LIVE on CSUSM Theatre YouTube page


CSUSM Theatre Presents Alma

Alma by Benjamin Beene 

Directed by Shaun Heard 

Working mom Alma has singlehandedly raised her daughter, Angel, on tough love, home-cooked food, and lots of prayers. But on the eve of the all-important SAT test, Alma discovers her daughter isn’t at home studying. A schooling and la chancla await Angel at home—but so does a creeping realization that more’s at stake than just a test score. 


Sept 24 - 25, 2020    7:00 pm

Sept 26, 2020             2:00 pm and 7:00 pm  

Streaming LIVE on CSUSM Theatre YouTube page

Welcome to CSUSM’s live-streamed production of Alma, by Benjamin Benne    

The show begins at 7 PM PST on September 24th, 25th and 26th AND there is a matinee performance on the 26th that begins at 2 PM PST. You are welcome to get yourself set up to watch as early as 6:50 pm (for evening performances) or 1:50 (for the matinee). The YouTube stream will be available live at that time.   

We encourage you to arrive early!!!  

If you decide to logon early, you will get to hear from the playwright and learn a bit about the Dreamer Resource Office at CSUSM.    

If you are watching alone, using headphones will provide the best experience but are not required to enjoy the performance.  

Please note that you will not be seen on camera and your microphone will not be heard.   

If there are children viewing the play with you, please be advised that there is some profanity.    

The show runs 80 minutes and there is no intermission.    

Now, go get your popcorn and enjoy our first virtual production!   








We are delighted to announce that a B.A. in Theatre has recently been approved by CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White and will launch in the fall of 2019.

We offer classes in

  • Acting & Playwriting
  • Theatre History
  • Theatre for Social Change
  • On-camera Acting
  • Theatre Production
  • Stage Management
  • Design
  • Theatre Criticism
  • African American Theatre
  • Women Playwrights
  • Career Skills
  • Latinx/Chicanx theatre