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The Art, Media, and Design Major offers an engaged, collaborative, experiential and interdisciplinary learning environment where students acquire skills and develop their personal drive toward reaching their creative potential. Through our rich array of courses as well as through one-on-one advising, we strive to help students develop their creative voice and explore career paths that best suit their vision.

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Student Highlights

Sarah Bricke and Kimberly Lopez
Congratulations to Sarah Bricke and Kimberly Lopez, curators of the Juncture exhibit as well as to all the participating artists.

Faculty Highlights

Amanda Cachia Small Portrait

AMD Lecturer Amanda Cachia in The New York Times Article-Disability in the Arts

Amanda Cachia, a curator and lecturer at California State University San Marcos, said, “I’m pretty exhausted.” Since the pandemic started, she has received requests to speak with institutions about accessibility, including at the Munch Museum, in Norway, and the USC Pacific Asia Museum, in California.

 “It’s not just how much labor is demanded of the artists’ bodies,” she tells her audiences, “but how curators communicate their ideas, needs and interests without language that’s offensive.”

Read Amanda Cachia's Bio HERE!!



CSUSM AMD Project on List for Lumen Prize in A.I

CSUSM Art, Media, and Design students who engaged in independent studies with Lucy HG Solomon last Spring contributed to project’s research. These students, as part of the DaTA Lab (Digital and Transdisciplinary Art Laboratory, met with Cesar & Lois (Lucy HG Solomon and Cesar Baio) and took on different arms of research for the project. Jinxui Han and Zhiwei Li engaged researched and visualize lifecycles that became the basis for the artwork’s rotating disks’ timing. Victoria Rios focused on growing and photographing the Arabidopsis plant. Seedlings from that growth cycle are embedded in the artwork’s Arabidopsis disk.


Emeritus Professor David Avalos and MCASD Collaboration

Join exhibition curator Alana Hernandez and David Avalos for a conversation on Instagram Live on 11/19/2020 at 11:00am. A key figure in San Diego’s Chicano Art Movement, David Avalos works in sculpture, installation, and public projects. His sculptures unabashedly assert the vernacular of rasquache as a form of resilience in the face of social, racial, and economic adversity.

Kristin Moss
Teaching Innovation & Excellence
Congratulations to Kristin Moss for receiving the 2020 President's Outstanding Faculty Award!
Lucy Solomon
Fulbright Global Scholar Award Winner
Congratulations to Lucy HG Solomon for being recognized with a Fulbright Global Scholar Award for her upcoming Art and Science Research project!

News Highlights

Thumbnail: Arts & Lectures Remains Virtual for Spring Semester
January 21, 2021
As the Cal State San Marcos campus remains closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Arts & Lectures series will be pres...
Thumbnail: STEAM Ambassadors Meld Art, Science for Community Children
November 16, 2020
For two hours on a Saturday morning in mid-October, cars streamed on to a Cal State San Marcos campus that has been eerily quiet for months b...

Join us online May 15th, for the Annual Student Media Festival!
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Staircase Exhibition

Join us at our meetings and events to engage in topics and workshops on art-making and artistic visibility.

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President: Addalee Lyon
Advisor: Kristin Moss
Meeting Times: Tuesday/Thursday during U-Hour @ ARTS 361 Patio

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