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Art, Media, and Design

The Art, Media, and Design Major offers an engaged, collaborative, experiential and interdisciplinary learning environment where students acquire skills and develop their personal drive toward reaching their creative potential. 

As part of their studies, students are encouraged to explore concepts and techniques relating to both traditional art forms and digital media. 

With an emphasis on social and cultural awareness at its core, our degree provides students the opportunity to foster technical skills while building strong conceptual, narrative and research-based practices. 

Through our rich array of courses as well as through one-on-one advising, we strive to help students develop their creative voice and explore career paths that best suit their vision. 

AMD Curriculm

The ethos of AMD is interdisciplinary. The two options share both lower division and upper division curriculum and allow for the cross-pollination of traditional and new media at every level. We encourage filmmakers to be sculptors and studio-based practitioners to explore digital worlds. These crossovers are important to the development of well-rounded creatives. AVC allows students to specialize in traditional media such as painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, while DAMA is the track for those whose primary interests lie in digital video, photography, interactive and media design. The two options support and feed into one another and it is entirely possible to begin on one track and switch to the other. Both options incorporate contemporary issues and new topics in art and include course offerings such as screenwriting, Chicano/a border art, art and science, and feminist art. Upper division coursework allows students to zoom into areas of interest while providing more directed pragmatic and theoretical skills-building. At all points in your academic career we encourage you to seek out an AMD faculty advisor to discuss your degree path. 

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News and Events

The Department of Art, Media, and Design (AMD) has internationally acclaimed artists, filmmakers and curators among its faculty and visiting artists. We support student artists as they begin their careers and exhibit work in professional contexts. We are proud of our students’ achievements and look forward to following their future work!

Below is a sampling of what AMD faculty and students are up to. Please follow @CSUSM_SOFA on Instagram and @CSUSMSchoolofArts on Facebook for current AMD news and events. Follow AMD to stay informed and connected!