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Art, Media, and Design

The Art, Media, and Design Major offers an engaged, collaborative, experiential and interdisciplinary learning environment where students acquire skills and develop their personal drive toward reaching their creative potential. Through our rich array of courses as well as through one-on-one advising, we strive to help students develop their creative voice and explore career paths that best suit their vision.

CSUSM Media Makers


CSUSM Media Makers

This semester and next, CSUSM Media Makers is proud to present a program of very special guests in film and media, focusing upon Latino/Latina/Latinx filmmakers.
Gifted makers and critics will join us to share their expertise on: media making and community organizing; re-evaluating 1970’s “Mexploitation” filmmaking;
making music video; and grassroots documentary production in Tijuana and the State of Mexico (Edomex). 

OCT 5:  Echo Park Film Center; OCT 12: Adán Ávalos ; NOV 9: Ambar Navarro & Mariana Da Silva: El Cine Takeover; NOV 16: Dignicraft: Tijuana Filmmakers Collective

All events are at CSUSM in ARTS240 12:30 - 3:20PM; CSUSM community is welcome. For further information contact

The series is presented through Art, Media, and Design, and supported by the generosity of the CSUSM Instructionally Related Activities fund. 

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