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Learning happens at many levels on the Cal State San Marcos campus. Aligning all campus learning outcomes under the University's Mission and Vision, along with the President's Strategic Plan, provides a compass that helps keep all components of the campus moving in the same direction.  

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Program Learning Outcomes:

  • The knowledge to explain how dance is an intertwining of lived experience and identity. 
  • The tools to be able to articulate the significance of the historical, political and cultural context of dance. 
  • An understanding of how to apply theoretical concepts and embodied practice to create performance work/art. 

Dance Activism and Social Justice 

How do we move through the world? Movement has impact.  

In science fiction/futurist writer Octavia Butler's words: "Everything we touch we change. Everything we change changes us."  

Dance Studies at CSUSM embodies decolonized, feminist, contemporary and experimental dance practices.  All Dance Studies courses seek to elevate self-awareness of our diverse ancestors and contemporaries.  Dance Studies is committed to honoring the legacy of diverse types of choreography that create/d and contribute/d to the legacy of Dance in America.  

Let's move critically and mindfully, especially during this turbulent and critical times.  

Dance Studies Minor Worksheet