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About School of Arts

The School of Arts at Cal State San Marcos provides an exciting multidisciplinary approach to the arts which embraces the cultural richness of southern California. The curriculum encourages interdisciplinary work, collaboration, and student self-direction.

The School of Arts (SofA) is committed to several innovative educational objectives

  • Discipline based learning - The School of Arts includes studies in music, theatre, dance studies, visual arts/visual culture, digital and media art.
  • Collaboration across disciplines – Interdisciplinary collaboration is enacted and encouraged among our students and faculty to provide a more expansive arts education.
  • Commitment to the latest technology - The School of Arts offers cutting edge courses in digital art, music, theatre technology, web design, video, and interactive multimedia.
  • Building community through the arts - the School of Arts builds community through outreach to schools and social service organizations, collaborating in community development projects, arts education research, hosting an off campus art gallery, and through providing public theatre, dance, music performances, video and film screenings, as well as visual art exhibitions and presentations relating to visual culture and contemporary art.
  • Global Arts - The School of Arts celebrates the arts of the world with the Indonesian Gamelan, theatre in Spanish, and many survey courses in global arts.
  • Project-Based Learning – The School of Arts faculty are committed to a rigorous curriculum and to ensuring student learning.