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School of Arts

School of Arts

The School of Arts stands in solidarity with black students, artists,
scholars, communities and allies calling for racial justice.

We are committed to supporting this ongoing struggle
for equity and social change.


Expand Your Creativity

The School of Arts Mission is to provide an inclusive, collaborative community where artists, scholars, and students actively engage in developing artistic practices, critical thinking, cultural intelligence, and creativity.

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Thumbnail: Panel on HBO Series Highlights Arts & Lectures This Spring
January 14, 2022
A panel on the acclaimed HBO docuseries “Exterminate All the Brutes” highlights the spring lineup of the longstanding Arts & Le...
Thumbnail: Black Took Collective Closes Out Fall Arts and Lectures Series
November 17, 2021
The last Arts and Lectures event of the fall semester features
Thumbnail: Filmmaker, Immigration Expert to Discuss 'Deported'
November 8, 2021
The sixth Arts and Lectures event of the semester focuses on the



Jazz Ensemble Concert - Spring 2021 (YouTube Recording from May 13, 2021)

Music Senior-Capstones - Spring 2021 (YouTube Recording from May 13, 2021)