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Theater Auditions


Spring 2024 Productions: 


CSUSM Theatre Spring Auditions November 4th

We’re seeking actors for our Spring 2024 productions:

Pásale Pásale written by Mario Vega with music by Mario Vega and Eliza Vedar directed by Dr. Maria Patrice Amon

Anon(ymous) written by Naomi Iizuka and directed by Dr. Judy Bauerlein

Please send a self-taped video submission by November 4th at 11:50 PM. Submission instructions below. 

  • Please submit a 1-minute contemporary monologue of your choice
  • Please use Vimeo or YouTube for your submission.
  • Please send your audition links to
  • Optional: If you sing, please submit a short contemporary song.  This can be a pop song, a church song, or a song from a musical.  The clip of your song should be 30-45 seconds in length.  
  • Optional: If you play a musical instrument, please submit a 30-second video of you playing that instrument. 

Callbacks Thursday, November 9th at Noon in Arts 101

About Pásale Pásale

Run dates February 28 to March 2

 “Pásale Pásale” will be an immersive theatrical performance exploring the lives and relationships of the local vendors at the San Diego Swap Meet. Like a true swapmeet, audiences will be able to wander at their own pace through a series of stalls, each stall providing a window into the lives of the characters and the themes of mental health in senior citizens, food deserts, immigration, and civic engagement. 

 This is an original immersive play and actors will have a hand in the collective creation of the show. This project may be picked up for the La Jolla Playhouse WOW Festival and actors may be invited to participate in the WOW festival and subsequent productions.

 The performance will be enhanced with original music, we are seeking actors who have some comfort singing. Actors who also have an interest in improvisation.

About Anon(ymous) 

Run dates: April 19th - 22nd

Separated from his mother, a young refugee called Anon journeys through the United States, encountering a wide variety of people -- some kind, some dangerous and cruel -- as he searches for his family. From a sinister one-eyed butcher to beguiling barflies to a sweatshop, Anon must navigate through a chaotic, ever-changing landscape in this entrancing adaptation of Homer's Odyssey.


ANON: (also called Koo Ri, Lan, Monkey, Nobody), a teenage refugee

NAJA/ENSEMBLE: A girl who is also a goddess 

  1. YURi MACKUS, manager of a sewing factory; STRYGAL, a truck driver: LONE BARFLY SENATOR LAIUS: a war hero; MR. ZYCLO: a butcher; NICE AMERICAN FATHER 

HELEN LAIUS. the senator's beautiful wife; ZYCLO'S PET BIRD; NICE AMERICAN MOTHER 

NEMASANI (also called Penny), Anon's mother 


ALI, a proprietor of a restaurant; SHADOW; IGNACIO, Belen's father 

NASREEN; Sewing Lady 2 daughter of Aii and Ritii; BELEN, a refugee

RITU. Nasreen’s mother; SERZA, a bartender; SEWING LADY #1 

PASCAL, a refugee from West Africa


The members of the ensemble (except for Anon) also play: THE CHORUS OF REFUGEES THE SEWING LADIES, THE SHADOWS. A note about character names: Nemasani derives from "Mnemosyne," the goddess of memory and the mother of the muses. "Naja" is a Sanskrit word referring to the spirit of the earth that protected Buddha during a terrible storm.