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Sports Psychology

Sports PsychologySport psychology is a form of applied psychology often used to enhance athletic performance. While consulting with a sport psychologist, athletes can explore eight areas that are widely believed to have the most influence on athletic performance:  goal setting, psychological preparation, productive analysis of strengths and weaknesses, stress/anxiety management, concentration/focus, productive management of emotion, energy level and consistency.  

Sport psychologists utilize these and other psychological principles in order to optimize individual performance.   Sports psychology can also address other emotional barriers that are preventing an athlete from performing at his/her optimal level. These services can occur through individual consultation, within small groups, or entire teams.

Sport psychology services include the following areas:

  • Anxiety
  • Eating behaviors/nutrition
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Performance under pressure
  • Injury
  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Responding to setbacks and disappointment
  • Goal setting
  • Relaxation training
  • Consistency

For more information:

Please call SHCS 760-750-4915 for more information, and ask to speak to the Associate Director of Student Health & Counseling.