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Stage 3: First Day of School - End of First Year

You have finally made it to college. To help you succeed at CSUSM, here are some tips and services offered.

Stage III will help you stay up to date with what's going on throughout the campus, give tips on where you can go to keep up with your health, provide information from the Academic Support Services, and give you advice on how to succeed here at Cal State San Marcos.  

Continue to follow the arrows to see what the school has to offer you.

Stage III: First Day of School - End of First Year

Step 1: Using your School Email - Discover how to use your school email!

Step 2: Get Involved - Still don't know what's going on around campus?  Find out how to get involved!

Step 3:  Academic Support Services - Discover what services are offered to you to help you succeed!

Step 4: Stay Healthy - Find out the different services and facilities to keep you healthy!

Step 5: Student Advocacy - CSUSM offers many programs to help you succeed and discover different programs!

Step 6:  How to succeed at CSUSM - CSUSM can help you reach your goals!

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