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Academic Support

The Math Lab

The  Math Lab provides academic support, tutoring, and assistance to undergraduate students at California State University San Marcos who are taking math courses or fulfilling General Education requirements in mathematics.  In addition to group and individual tutoring that is provided on a walk-in basis, students can find textbooks, calculators, student solution manuals, manipulatives, instructional guide sheets, and support material to reference and utilize in the Lab.

The Writing Center 

The Writing Center at California State University San Marcos offers a place for students from all disciplines and majors to get feedback on their writing from highly trained writing specialists.  Working in a collaborative, peer-mentoring model, the Writing Center provides support for hundreds of students each semester.  The majority of the consulting sessions held in the Writing Center are one-on-one.  However, the Writing Center also provides on-site and small group sessions with the General Education Writing (GEW) program.  In addition to these tutoring services, the Writing Center offers consultant-led workshops and classroom presentations.

The Language Learning Center

The mission of the Language Learning Center is to support both the learning and teaching of languages. This is accomplished by assisting students and faculty with classroom activities, the distribution of course materials, tutoring, examinations, and research projects. Additionally, we advise students on the various ways they can fulfill the Language-Other-Than-English Graduation Requirement (LOTER). 

Tutoring the LLC provides tutoring for all foreign languages taught at CSUSM. Our tutors help students with various aspects of language learning including textbook exercises, grammar points, reading comprehension and more. 

Technology plays an essential role in how we assist students in learning foreign languages. Our computer workstations are equipped with language-learning software, whose drills and exercises are used to help students both acquire and work on the use of key concepts.

Our workstations also have proofing tools for a multitude of languages.  Our staff is dedicated to providing the best language-learning environment possible to not only our students, but to our fellow faculty and staff as well.

What is the LOTER?

The Language Other Than English Requirement (LOTER) is a graduation requirement for all students. Meeting it confirms that you have reached an intermediate level of linguistic and cultural proficiency in a second language. It does not require fluency. 

There are various options for how to meet the LOTER. We hope these choices make meeting the requirement simple and rewarding. If you believe you have already fulfilled the LOTER, but your student record does not yet show it as "met", please contact your Primary Academic Advisor.

To prevent a delay in graduating, do not wait until senior year to complete the LOTER!

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