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Prototyping Lab

Ignite your Creativity with 3D Printing

d& resin figure
Logo Keychains
3d printed frog

Welcome to the Prototyping Lab at the Innovation Hub! As support for the innovation process, we provide prototyping equipment and services to CSUSM students, faculty, and staff to help on personal and academic projects.

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Recent Workshops

3d printed dinos (group)
wooden laser cut valentines day keychain

Print & Paint Workshops

The Innovation Hub holds print and paint workshops every month, open to the CSUSM community! We use our Glowforge and 3D printer to make fun objects that can be painted.

3d printed pumpkins
wooden ginger bread men laser cut
3d printed oranments

Recent Projects

wooden veteran coins

CSUSM Veterans Center

These laser engraved wooden coins were made for the CSUSM Veterans Center, featuring their logo and a QR code for their website. Utilizing our Glowforge, these designs result in these fun wooden keepsakes. These wooden coins will be given away to enhance student and community engagement!


Pamela McDaniel

Pamela McDaniel, an art student at CSUSM, is designing 3D replica's of 60's inspired furniture for an art exhibit showcase. She is using our Formlabs 3D printer to recreate furniture models, and the Glowforge laser cutter to model the structure of a house using acrylic panels. To capture the essence of 60's style architecture, engravings of various images were added to all wall panels of the structure.


pamela's project

Other Projects

D&D Resin Figure (front)

d& resin figure


d&d resin figure back

Laser Cut Phone Stand

laser cut wooden cell phone stand

3D Printed Frog

3d printed frog

3d printed objects