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Meet the Innovation Fellows

The primary objective of the Faculty Innovation Fellows program is to establish and nurture innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities for students, faculty members, as well as community and industry partners.

This goal is accomplished through a two-fold approach:

      1. Each fellow takes the lead in initiating and driving their own innovation, startup, or entrepreneurial project.
      2. Additionally, they assume the role of innovation ambassadors within their respective college or University Library, motivating fellow faculty members to actively participate in the innovation process.

To ensure comprehensive representation, five Fellows are carefully chosen to represent each college and the University Library. Their collective efforts are focused on translating research findings, discoveries, and entrepreneurial visions into tangible applications and processes that deliver meaningful benefits to society.

Meet Cohort 2

The Innovation Hub is proud to introduce the new faculty fellows!

Learn more about Cohort 2


Meet the Inaugural Fellows

We proudly unveil the inaugural cohort of the Faculty Innovation Fellows program, whose guided innovative spirit from 2021 to 2023. Learn more about the Inaugural Cohort

Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Hub is proud to unveil the new faculty fellows innovation projects!Reserve your seat to the showcase! - November 21, 4:30 - 6:30 PM