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Printing & Laser Cutting Services for Staff/Faculty

The Innovation Hub’s 3D printing and laser cutting services are available to staff and faculty based on equipment availability.  Please schedule a consultation with a staff member to review your project needs, equipment availability, and the estimated cost and payment mechanisms.

For a consultation, please email

Project Pricing

Pricing by Equipment
  Formlabs Form 3+
SLA 3D Printer
Dremel Digilab 3D40
Filament 3D Printer
Glowforge Pro 3D
Laser Printer
Material Cost



Varied per material

Set Up Fees $20.00/print job $20.00/print job $20.00/print job
Print Time Fees $8.00/hour
$8.00 minimum
$8.00 minimum
$8.00 minimum
Post Processing Fees
(Anything beyond
removing materials
from printers)
$10.00 minimum
$10.00 minimum
$10.00 minimum
Stock Materials

Grey Draft V2 Resin White
Draft V2 Resin


  • Acrylic
  • Leather
  • Wood
  • Medium draftboard
  • Light maple plywood

Faculty and staff will be responsible for reconciling balances via a departmental budget transfer prior to any project printing. The Innovation Hub is not able to accept cash or offer printing credits of any kind.