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The mission of Outreach Programs is to identify and serve K-12 students from our diverse regional community to promote, advocate, and facilitate access to higher education.


Outreach Programs will actualize its mission by:

  • Developing and implementing a range of services to enhance K-12 student aspirations and preparation for academic success;
  • Advocating on behalf of historically underrepresented students to provide access and to expand postsecondary educational opportunities;
  • Providing development, educational and cultural enrichment programming for students and families;
  • Facilitating the college entrance process through the dissemination of critical collegiate information, including financial aid;
  • Identifying and implementing educational partnerships with our diverse regional community to strengthen K-12 collaborations;
  • Serving as liaisons with local school districts to communicate the availability of resource and to disseminate information; and
  • Aligning the CSU San Marcos mission, vision and strategic priorities to enhance community partnerships and promote educational equity.