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February 2013 Senate Synopsis

April 24, 2013 Senate Meeting Highlights

Chair Jackie Trischman opened the eighth Academic Senate meeting of 2012-13 with several announcements:  (1) an update on anticipated changes in parking areas is posted on the Senate website; (2) the University Budget Committee will make public their recommendations after they are sent to President Haynes; (3) a reception to recognize AVP David Barsky’s administrative contributions will be held on May 1 following the Senate meeting in Tukwut Court; (4) the chairs of CSU Academic Senates discussed Cal State Online last week at their Long Beach meeting; (5) CSUSM is significantly lower than other CSUs in terms of the percentage of our FTES taught by tenure-track faculty (approx. 37%); and (6) a referral to the Budget and Long-range Planning Committee to consider a policy for movement of academic programs between Extended Learning and state-side funding.

CSU Academic Senator Glen Brodowsky encouraged senators to consider running for a seat on the statewide CSU Academic Senate.

The Senate approved four course proposals.  In a voice vote, the Senate approved the program proposal for the Master’s in Social Work degree.  Two new RTP documents were approved (for SSP-AR counseling faculty and for Library faculty).  Also approved were Lower Division GE certification form revisions, Upper Division GE learning outcomes revision, and the Academic Calendars for 2014/15 through 2017/18.

Major items on the discussion agenda were:  (1) a revision of the acceptable grades in Lower Division GE “Golden Four” courses; (2) a proposed policy to limit credits earned during Winter Intersession; (3) a resolution regarding priorities for classroom space assignment; and (4) certificate programs for Dual Language Instruction (SOE), Palliative Care (SON), and four “stackable” options in the MBA (COBA).  A resolution regarding the need for consultation on any changes to structure and program of the Office of Community Service Learning was also discussed.  These will be brought back to Senate at its final meeting of the year on May 1, when they will be considered for action. 

Information items included PAC’s recommendation letter for the Sociology Program and the 2012/13 annual report from the Faculty Grants Committee.

Complete minutes of each Academic Senate meeting are available on the Senate website as soon as they are approved at the following Senate meeting.  The final Senate meeting of 2012/13 is Wednesday, May 1, from 1-3 PM in COM 206.  Newly-elected senators for 2013/14 are especially invited and encouraged to attend.  All members of the campus community (students, faculty, staff, administrators) are welcome to come to the meetings of Academic Senate.

Janet McDaniel, Secretary