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Open Call - Faculty Service

OPEN CALL -  for Faculty Service  - Over the summer months, Faculty are encouraged to self-nominate for the vacancies listed below.  These include vacancies on the Senate Standing Committees, and other committees for which NEAC makes recommendations, and Senate approves.  Self-nominations will be taken until 12:00 Noon on Thursday, September 1, 2022.   If you have any questions, the Senate Office welcomes your inquiries. 


Current Vacancies

Meeting days/times and the charge for each committee are found at the links provided below.

Committee Vacancy List
COMMITTEE VACANCY  (One seat vacant unless otherwise noted)
Link to 22/23 Senate Meeting Schedule

CoBA 22-24
CoBA 22/23
CHABSS 22/23
CHABSS 22-24 (Two seats)
CSTEM 22/23 (Two seats)
CSTEM 22-24

Academic Policy Committee (APC)

CHABSS 22-24
Graduate Studies Faculty 22/23

Anti-Racism, Anti-Colonialism, and Social Justic Committee (ARACSJC)
Note:  Faculty members on this committee must have demonstrated experience in anti-racism, anti-colonialism, and/or social justice work through their teaching, research, community engagement, or serviceactivities. Please include statement of experience on self-nomination form.
CoBA 22/23
Budget and Long-range Planning Committee (BLP)

CEHHS 22/23
CHABSS 22-24
General Education Committee (GEC) CEHHS 22-24
Lecturer Committee (LC) CSTEM Lecturer 22/23
CoBA Lecturer 22/23
Program Assessment Committee (PAC) CHABSS-BSS 22-24
Student Affairs Committee (SAC) CSTEM 22-24
Faculty At-large 22-24
University Curriculum Committee (UCC) CSTEM 22/23 (Discipline other than Computer Science & Informtaion Systems)
CoBA 22-24
CEHHS 22-24 (discipline other than Human Development)
Faculty Awards Selection Committee CSTEM 22/23
Faculty Grants Committee (MUST BE TENURED) CSTEM 22-24
CEHHS 22-24
CHABSS-SoA 22/24
Library 22-24
Arts and Lectures Committee

CSTEM 22/23
Library 22-24
Faculty At-large 22-24

Community Engagement Faculty Advisory Committee CSTEM 22-24
CoBA 22/23
Library 22-24
Disability Access Compliance Committee Faculty from SAC 22-24
Enrollment Planning Advisory Group Faculty At-large 22-24 (TT or Lecturer)
Exceptional Assigned Time Committee CEHHS 
Library/Athletics/Counseling/Extended Learning
Grauation Initiative Steering Committee Faculty At-large 22-24
Instructionally Related Activities Committee Faculty At-large 22-24
Intellectual Property Committee Faculty At-large 22-24
North County Higher Education Alliance Faculty At-large 22-24
Provost's Space Advisory Group CEHHS 22-24
CSTEM 22-24
CoBA 22/23
Student Fee Advisory Committee Faculty At-large 22-24
Student Grade Appeal Committee  Faculty At-large 22-24
Alternate, Faculty At-large 22-24 (Two seats)
Alternate, Faculty At-large 22/23
Student Grievance Committee Library 22/23
CHABSS 22-24
CSTEM 22-24
Alternate, Faculty At-large 22-24
Alternate, Faculty At-large 22/23
University Global Affairs Committee CoBA 22-24
Library 22/23