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Open Call - Faculty Service

OPEN CALL -  for Faculty Service  Faculty vacancies on the Senate Standing Committees and various other committees are listed below.  Please feel free to submit your name via the self-nominate button.  The Call for Faculty Service will be open continuously until 12:00 Noon on Tuesday 1/24/22.  Self-nominations will be considered by NEAC for placement on the 2/2/22 Senate Agenda Consent Calendar for approval.   If you have any questions, please contact the Senate Office.  Up-to-date Rosters of Senate and Committee Seats are found on the Senate website.


Click on the committee name for more information, including  roster, meeting day/time/location, charge, link to related web page, and more.

Current Vacancies

COMMITTEE VACANCY  (One seat vacant unless otherwise noted)
Senator - CSUSM Academic Senate CoBA - SP 22 (one semester as member is on sabbatical)
Academic Policy Committee (APC) Library 21-23
Anti-Racism, Anti-Colonialism, and Social Justice Committee (ARACSJC) CoBA 21-23
(Faculty members on this committee must have demonstrated experience in anti-racism, anti-colonialism, and/or social justice work through their teaching, research, community engagement, or service activities.)
Budget and Long-range Planning (BLP) CSTEM 21-23
CHABSS 21-22
Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC)

Faculty At-large SP 22-SP23
Faculty At-large 21/22

General Education Committee (GEC) CoBA 21-23
CSTEM 21-23 (discipline other than Mathematics)
Lecturer Committee (LC)

PAC Lecturer Representative 21-23
CoBA Lecturer Representative SP 21
CSTEM Lecturer Representative SP 21
SSP-AR Part Time Representative SP 21
(Committee members may be part-time or full-time temporary Faculty and shall have at least a one-year appointment.)

Nominations, Elections, Appointments & Constitution Committee (NEAC) Faculty At-large 21-23
(Must be from College/Unit other than CHABSS (i.e., College/Unit other than that held by Lecturer Member of NEAC.)
Program Assessment Committee  (PAC) CHABSS-BSS 21/22
Library Spring 22-23
Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

Faculty At-large 21-23
CEHHS 21/22
CoBA SP 22    (one semester/member sabbatical)

University Curriculum Committee (UCC) CHABSS 21/22 
CHABSS 21-23
CSTEM 21-23 (from discipline other than Software Engineering)
Library 21-23
Faculty Awards Selection Committee (FASC) Library 21-23
Faculty Grants Committee (FGC ) Library 21-23
CoBA  Fall 21 only   (member on Sabbatical)
Arts and Lectures Advisory Committee CSTEM 21-23
Community Engagement Faculty Advisory Committee (CEFAC) CoBA 21-23
Student Grade Appeal Committee (SGAC) Alternate Faculty At-large 21-23
Student Grievance Committee Library  21-23
Alternate, Faculty At-large 21-23
University Global Affairs Committee Library 21-23