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Faculty Service 

(Committees Other than Senate Standing Committees)
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Faculty seats filled via Spring Election or NEAC appointment:

Faculty seats filled via NEAC appointment & Senate approval:


Traditionally chaired by the prior academic year's Harry E. Brakebill Distinguished Professor Award recipient, this committee has oversight of the campus nomination processes for the Harry E. Brakebill Award, the Wang Family Excellence Awards, and the granting of Emeritus status for Faculty.

Meetings are based on member schedules, guided by set policy timelines.

FASC Member List
MEMBERS - Faculty Awards Selection Committee SEAT/TERM
Alyssa Sepinwall  FASC Chair 23-24
Elizabeth Garza  CEHHS 23-24
Tihomir Kostadinov CHABSS 23-24
Rachel Nortz Lecturer Representative 23-24
Bruce Louis Rich CoBA 23-24
Vacant CSTEM 23-24
Jennifer Ho Library 23-24
Jackie Trischman Dean, CSTEM - Administrative Representative - Provost's Recommendation
Siaje Gideon Student Representative 23-24


FCAC advises the Faculty Center Director about how best to implement the Faculty Center's mission.  (Members are not eligible to apply for a Faculty Center Professional Development Grant for the duration for their term.)

FCAC meets 10:00 - 11:30 AM, 2nd Friday of each month during the academic year.

FCAC Member List
MEMBERS - Faculty Center Advisory Council  SEAT/TERM
Rebecca Lush  Faculty Center Director, Chair
Heather Cook Lecturer 23-25
Vacant CEHHS-SoE 23-25
Marion Geiger CHABSS-HA 23-25
Allison Monterrosa CHABSS-BSS 23-24
Vacant CSTEM 23-25
Hedayat Alibeiki CoBA 22-24
Vacant CEHHS-SHSHS/SoN 23-24
Amanda Kalish Library 22-24
Maria Gomez-Martin Faculty At-large 22-24


FGC conducts the review process of applications for university-wide faculty grants related to professional development and research, scholarship, and creative activities.  (Chair elected by committee.)  One Lecturer representative is included; other members must be tenured. 

NOTE:  Committee members may not apply for FGC funds while they serve on this committee.

Meetings are scheduled around member availability, guided by policy timeline.  (Staff contact - Katie Roethel.)

FGC Member List
MEMBERS - Faculty Grants Committee SEAT/TERM
Chuck De Leone Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
Nima Zaerpour CoBA 23-25
Allison Merrick
CHABSS-HA  23-24
Tara Marko Lecturer 23-25
VACANT Library 23-25
Sinem Siyahhan Faculty At-large 22-24


Members must be full time and tenured. These are one-year committee seats. Meetings are based on committee members' schedules, guided by a set campus timeline. (Faculty unit employees applying for sabbatical leave are not eligible for election to the PLC.) 

PLC Member List
MEMBERS - Professional Leave Committee 23-24 SEAT
Raj Pillai CoBA 
Cynthia Melendrez CHABSS-HA
Suzanne Moineau CEHHS
Ed Price CSTEM
Bruce Louis Rich Faculty At-large
Andrew Spieldenner CHABSS-BSS
Toni Olivas Library


This committee promotes and enables a fair and equitable proposal process that ensures an exceptional annual series filled with culturally diverse events presented by professionals and experts in their respective fields.

Arts & Lectures members List
MEMBERS - Arts & Lectures Committee
Christiane Wood Faculty At-large 23-25
Matthew Irwin CHABSS-Non SoA 23-25
Leila Abrous-Sasanka CSTEM 23-25
Rajnandini Pillai CoBA 23-25
Peggy Nosti CEHHS  22-24
Leslie Foster CHABSS-SoA 22-24
Amanda Kalish Library 23-24 (2nd year of 2-year term)
Sandra Doller Faculty At-large 22-24
Vacant USU/Clarke 22-24 (Staff)
Natalie Cipriani Student Representative 23-24
Gina Jones Arts and Lectures Coordinator


CEFAC identifies ways in which CSUSM can work collaboratively to build strong university-community partnerships anchored in the rigor of scholarship, and designed to help build community capacity as well as contribute to classroom pedagogy and future scholarship and creative activity.  Committee meets at dates/times convenient to all members.

CEFAC Member List
MEMBERS - Community Engagement Faculty Advisory Committee SEAT/TERM
Bonnie Bade Faculty At-large 22-24 
Tasha Keys CEHHS 23-25 (MSW)
Rodney Beaulieu  CEHHS 23-25 (Public Health)
Lucy HG Solomon   CHABSS-HA 23-25 (SoA)
Katie Robinson Faculty At-large 22-24
Rebeca Perren CoBA 23-25
Allison Jobin CHABSS-BSS 22-24
Jennifer Ho Library 23/24 (2nd year of 2-year term)
Glen Brodowsky Senate Chair 23-25
Patricia Prado-Olmos Vice President, Community Engagement
Carol Cujec Service Learning, Faculty Director
Scott Gross Associate Vice President, Community Engagement
Jodie Lawston Engaged Scholarship, Faculty Director
Theresa Mayerott Alliance, Executive Director
Cynthia Chavez Metoyer Office of Internship, Faculty Director


This committee's purpose is to implement a fair distribution of funds allocated by the President for traditional co-curricular events.  Examples:  graduation recognition ceremonies, cultural events/celebrations, leadership conferences.  Funding has been established by the University and is administered through the Dean of Students Office.  Chair is appointed by the Dean of Students. 

This committee meets as needed; mostly in the Spring semester, with meetings scheduled around member availability.

Co-Curricular Funding Committee Member List
MEMBERS - Co-Curricular Funding Committee SEAT/TERM
Denis Schulz Faculty At-large 23-25
Jason Schreiber, Dean of Students Chair
Gezai Berhane, Associate Director, Dean of Students Office Staff Representative
Ryan Groth, Campus Recreation, Student Life Staff Representative
Andrew Gamboa  ASI VP of Finance
Moy Valdez Student Representative

CSU Academic Council on International Programs (ACIP)

ACIP promotes CSU campus participation in the development of policy concerning International Programs and to ensure regular communication between campuses and OIP.  There is only one Faculty At-large representative from each of the 23 campuses.  Members serve a three-year term and must be tenure track/tenured.  The Council meets two times per academic year and there is opportunity to serve on ACIP's various committees.  Travel is coordinated through CSUSM's Office of Global Education.

ACIP Member List
CSUSM REPRESENTATIVE - Academic Council on International Programs SEAT/TERM
Elvis Nshom Faculty At-large 23-25


  • Link to DACC Committee webpage

Using CSU system-wide guidelines, DACC collaborates on common accessibility challenges on campus, sharing solutions, approaches and resources. DACC meets twice per semester, and each meeting is scheduled for 2 hours.  
(Staff Support for DACC:  Crisella Caisip.)

DACC Member List
FACULTY MEMBERS - Disability Access Compliance Committee  SEAT/TERM
Staci Beavers Faculty At-large 23-25
TBA Faculty from Student Affairs Committee (SAC) 22-24
Bridget Blanshan AVP Student Engagement & Equity/Title IX Coordinator
Mark Norita Associate Vice President, Facilities Development & Management
Belinda Garcia Director, Parking & Transportation Services
Floyd Dudley II Director, Facility Services
Melinda Swearingen Associate Director, Human Resources Labor & Employee Relations
Deirdre Lowell-Caldera Director, Faculty Personnel Services
David Taylor Director, Procurement Operations
Jennifer Ralph Emergency Manager, Emergency Management
Barbara Taylor Director, Academic Technology Services
Amanda Umphrey IITS, ATI Coordinator
John Segoria Director, Disabled Student Services
Erin Fullerton Director, Integrated Risk Management
Stephania Rey Student Representative 23-24


Committee Charge:

The University Environmental Health, Occupational & Public Safety Committee shall be the principal campus body responsible for recommending policy on all aspects of environmental, health, occupational and public safety to the Vice President of FAS. 

Tasks will include:
1.  Commentary on implications of pending and adopted public, environmental, health and safety laws and regulations.
2.  Development of priorities for addressing public, environmental, health and occupational safety mandates and issues.
3.  Recommending policies and procedures for the use and disposal of hazardous materials.
4.  Assuming responsibility for any unassigned environmental, health and safety issues, and coordinating, consolidating, and allocating tasks to the following committees:  Radiation Safety Committee, Chemical Hygiene and Biosafety Committee, Animal Care and Use Committee, etc.
5.  Recommending safety regulations, guidelines, training programs, and necessary corrective actions concerning safety conditions associated with the work environment of employees to the Director of Safety, Risk & Sustainability Services and/or the Facilities Safety Committee (SETC sponsored). 

Environmental Health, Occupational & Public Safety Committee Member List
MEMBERS - Environmental Health, Occupational and Public Safety Committee SEAT/TERM
Regina Frasca Director, Safety, Health & Sustainability, Chair
Jesus Flores Lieutenant, University Police Department, Co-Chair
George Williams (ex officio), Unit 9 Safety, Health & Sustainability Representative
Deborah Feairheller Faculty At-large 23-25
Pablo Chavez or Delegate Office of Human Resources (MPP) (Ex-Officio)

James Chung


Leo Melena

David Rodriguez

Timothy Dow

Unit 2 - 
Unit 5 - Carmen Varona
Unit 7 - Libby Badr
Unit 9 - Warren Brown

Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 Representatives 
Zeenia Najmi Student Representative (ASI) 23-24
James Chun, Director Student Health & Counseling Services (or delegate) Student Health & Counseling Services (Ex-Officio)

Exceptional Assigned Time Committee (EATC)

Committee Charge:  To evaluate faculty applications for assigned time for exceptional levels of service to students during academic years when the program is in effect by mutual agreement between CSU and CFA and dictated by CBA Agreement; to make recommendations based on those evaluations to the Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs (VPAA); and, to periodically review and, if needed, make recommendations for changes in this policy to the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC). 

EATC Member List
MEMBERS - Exceptional Assigned Time Committee (EATC) SEAT/TERM
Sharon Elise CHABSS 
VACANT Library/Athletics/Counseling/Extended Learning 
Jane Kim CSTEM 
Dongnyoung Kim CoBA 
Miranda Grzywaczewski Student Representative 23-24
Jennifer Ostergren, Dean, CEHHS Provost's designee (Ex-Officio)

First Year Experience & Students in Transition Council

The FYESTC identifies, researches, and implements initiatives, interventions, and strategies designed to increase retention, decrease time to degree, and enhance the undergraduate student learning experience as these students navigate key points of transition along their educational journeys.  The ultimate goal is strengthening students' academic success at CSU San Marcos.  The FYESTC is under the direction of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and is informed by the Graduation Initiative Steering Committee (GISC).

FYESTC Member List
MEMBERS - First Year Experience & Students in Transition Council SEAT/TERM
Dawn Formo Chair; Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Allison Carr Academic Transitions Librarian
Shannon Nolan-AraƱez Faculty At-large 23-25

Grants and Contract Development Advisory Committee

The grants and contracts development advisory committee formed in Fall 2023 to serve as an advisory board to provide input to OGSR regarding seed funding, selects proposals when external sponsors limit the number of submissions, and otherwise advises to increase the competitiveness of proposals for external sponsors. The policy can be viewed at: Grants and Contracts Development Advisory Committee 

The committee will mostly operate asynchronously with one meeting expected per academic year. The OGSR staff member coordinating the committee is Liz Bell, 

GCDAC Member List
Zahra Gharibi CoBA 24-26
Ana Hernandez CEHHS 23-25
Liz Ridder CHABSS-BSS 23-25
Allie Merrick CHABSS-HA 23-25
Ed Price CSTEM, 23-25
Dennis Kolosov Faculty At-large 23-24
Kristin Stewart Faculty At Large 24-26
Christina Simokat Lecturer 23-24
Vacant Lecturer 24-26
Vacant Library 24-26


The Instructionally Related Activities Committee is an advisory group.  The group meets to review applications submitted during the Spring semester, deliberate and vote on related funding.

Instructionally Related Activities Member List
VOTING MEMBERS - Instructionally Related Activities Committee SEAT/TERM
Vacant Faculty At-large 23-24 (2nd year of 2-year term)
Glen Brodowsky Senate Chair 23-25
Julia Glorioso, Co-Chair President, ASI 22/23
(Confidential) Student Representative
(Confidential) Student Representative
Vacant Staff Representative 23-25
Rosa Mora Student Affairs Senior Resource and Operations Analyst
Viridiana Diaz, Co-Chair Vice President for Student Affairs


IPC makes recommendations to the Provost regarding procedures, guidelines, and responsibilities for the administration and development of intellectual property and such other matters as the Provost shall determine.

Meetings are scheduled around member availability.  Staff Contact: Sheila Van Metre

IPC Member List
MEMBERS - Intellectual Property Committee SEAT/TERM
Kimber Quinney (CHABSS) Faculty At-large 23-25
Justin Perron (CSTEM) Faculty At-large 23-25
Jing Hou (CSTEM) Facult At-large 23-24 (2nd year of 2-year term)
Tony Chung CIO
Carmen Mitchell Scholarly Communication LIbrarian (Library Dean designee)
Chuck De Leone Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
Janelle Temnick Interim Executive Director and AVP, CSUSM Corporation
Scott Gross AVP,  Industry Partnerships
Sheila Van Metre Administrative Support


Meets first Thursday each month during academic year; 3:30 - 5:00 pm.

North County Higher Education Alliance (NCHEA) is dedicated to improving educational opportunities for North County citizens and to promoting working relationships among California State University San Marcos, Mira Costa College, and Palomar College.

NCHEA Member List
CSUSM MEMBERS - North County Higher Education Alliance SEAT/TERM
Rachel Hastings Director, NCHEA
Rebecca Lush Faculty Center Director
Scott Hagg AVP, Enrollment Management Servcies
Mary Oling-Sisay Vice Provost
Regina Eisenbach Dean, Academic Programs and Academic Advising
Katie Robinson Faculty At-large 22-24
Shellye Sledge Faculty At-large 23-25
Justin Cadiz Student Representative
Miranda Grzywaczewski Student Representative


PSAG reviews and makes recommendations regarding all space requests submitted by members of Academic Affairs for space not currently designated for a Unit in AA; reviews and comments on space requests submitted by other Divisions within the University; reviews and recommends on the reassignment of space within space already designated for a school, college or administrative unit within AA; and, facilitates planning for new programs in AA and growth of existing programs.

Meets at least once per semester and more frequently if necessary.

PSAG Member List
MEMBERS - Provost's Space Advisory Group SEAT/TERM
Mary Oling-Sisay Vice Provost
Glen Brodowsky Senate Chair 23-25 (CoBA)
Rika Yoshii BLP Co-Chair 23-24 (CSTEM)
Matthew Schubert CEHHS 23-25
Bruce Louis Rich CoBA 23-25
Patrice Amon CHABSS 23-25
Jackie Trischman Dean, CSTEM
TBA Associate Dean, CHABSS
Jeff Nessler Associate Dean, CEHHS
Mohammad Oskoorouchi Associate Dean, CoBA
Char Booth Associate Dean, Library
Kevin Morningstar Dean, IITS
Godfrey Gibbison Dean, Extended Learning
Bonnie Mottola Faculty Personnel Analyst (Provost's Staff Appointee)
Kris Roberts Assistant to the Vice Provost


SSIBAC advises Extended Learning (EL) on its yearly program budget reviews and operations.  Faculty serving on the SSIBAC serve staggered two-year terms. 

SSIBAC Member List
MEMBERS - Self-Support Instruction Budget Advisory Committee  SEAT/TERM
Godfrey Gibbison Dean, Extended Learning; Chair SSIBAC
Mary Oling-Sisay Vice Provost
Matias Farre AVP, Business and Financial Services (or Designee)
Suzanne Moineau Faculty At-Large (EL Programs) 22-24
Adam Shapiro  Faculty At-large (EL Programs) 23-25
 Margarita Robles Administrative Support


SFAC reviews and recommends approval of requests to increase or waive tuition fees.  This committee is advisory to the CSUSM President.  Faculty At-large seat is for one term only; may not serve a second consecutive term.

Meets third Tuesday of each month during the Academic Year; 12:00 N - 1:00 pm.

SFAC Member List
MEMBERS - Student Fee Advisory Committee SEAT/TERM
Glen Brodowsky Senate Chair 23-25
Blake Beecher Faculty At-large 22-24
Justin Cadiz ASI President 23-24
Moy Valdez ASI EVP Finance & Ops 23-24
Anahi Martinez Perez Student At-large (CoBA) 23-24
Jack Norwood Student At-large (EL) 23-24
Mae Talicuran Associate Director, Special Projects (Staff Representative), 22-24
Bridget Blanshan Associate Vice President for Student Affairs-Designee
Julie Lindenmeier Director, Financial Aid & Scholarships
Randy Duncan Director, Budget Office
Jason Drake Director, Student Financial Services
Rosa Mora Student Affairs, SFAC Administratiive Support
Elizabeth Rosales Extended Learning


SGAC facilitates the process for students seeking redress of complaints about a course grade.  Members must be tenured.  The committee chair is non-voting except in the case of a tie vote.

Meets on an as-needed basis and within policy guidelines; meeting schedule is based on committee member availability.

SGAC Member List
MEMBERS - Student Grade Appeal Committee SEAT/TERM
Ofer Meilich (CoBA) Faculty At-large 23-25
Karno Ng (CSTEM) Faculty At-large 23-25
Vassilis Dalakas (CoBA) Faculty At-large 23/24
Suzanne Moineau Faculty At-large 22-24
Elvira Dominguez Gomez Alternate, Faculty At-large 23-25
VACANT Alternate Faculty At-large 23-25
Susie Lan Cassel Alternate Faculty At-large 22-24
VACANT Alternate, Faculty At-large 22-24
Siaje Gideon Student Representative - Undergraduate
James Courser Student Representative - Undergraduate
TBD Student Representative - Graduate


SGC facilitates resolution of student complaints arising out of alleged unauthorized or unjustified act or decision, other than a grade appeal, by a member of the faculty, administration, or staff that in any way adversely effects the status, rights, or privileges of a member of the student body. Members must be tenured. Alternates may vote only if acting on behalf of a voting member of the committee. President appoints Chair. No member may serve more than two consecutive terms.

Meetings are scheduled around faculty availability, within policy timeline.

SGC Member List
MEMBERS - Student Grievance Committee                 SEAT/TERM
Deanna Schmidt CEHHS 23-25
Emily Tarr CoBA 23-25
VACANT Library 23-25
Susie Lan Cassel CHABSS  22-24
VACANT CSTEM 23-24 (2nd year of 2-year term)
Elvira Dominguez Gomez Alternate, Faculty At-large 22-24
Ibrahim Al-Marashi Alternate, Faculty At-large 22-24

Director, Academic Advising  (Academic Affairs or Student Affairs Staff; President's Designee - 23-24)

Zeenia Najimi Student Representative
Karina Ramirez Gonzalez Student Representative
Siaje Gideon Student Representative
TBD Alternate, Student Representative
TBD Alternate, Student Representative


  • Title IX Policy - The Title IX Advisory Council is in response to California State University Executive Order 1095 to create a committee of employees, students and campus officials to identify strategies for ensuring that employees and students know how to identify and report sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, dating, domestic violence and stalking. and know what remedies are available to victims

The Title IX Advisory Council meets twice per semester, with dates/times based on committee member availability.

Title IX Member List
Allison Monterrosa Faculty At-large 23-25


UGAC advocates for campus globalization and acts as a catalyst for globalization efforts at CSUSM, administering two grant programs.

UGAC Member List
FACULTY MEMBERS - University Global Affairs Committee SEAT/TERM
Paola Ometto CoBA 22-24
AsherLev Santos CEHHS 22-24
Darci Strother CHABSS 23-25
Vacant Library 23-25
Vacant CSTEM 23-25