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Intellectual Property

The first purpose of this intellectual property policy is to provide the necessary protections and incentives to encourage both the discovery and development of new knowledge, its transfer for the public benefit, and its use for development of the economy. A second purpose is to enhance the generation of revenue for the University and to provide financial and reputational benefits for the creator(s). The third purpose is to preserve the University's freedom to conduct research and to use the intellectual property created by that research or pursuant to an institutional initiative. The University is guided by the following general objectives:

  • To optimize the environment and incentives for research and for the creation of new knowledge at the University;
  • To ensure that the educational mission of the University is not compromised;
  • To bring technology into practical use for the public benefit as quickly and effectively as possible;
  • To protect the interest of both the institution and the creators of intellectual property through a reasonable consideration for the University's investment in its intellectual property.

Additional Resources

Intellectual Property Committee (IPC)

The University Intellectual Property Committee shall include three faculty members appointed biannually by the Academic Senate (to serve staggered terms) to make recommendations to the Provost regarding procedures, guidelines, and responsibilities for the administration and development of intellectual property and such other matters as the Provost shall determine.  Other members of the committee shall be the Dean of Instructional and Information Technology Services, the Dean of the Library and the Associate Vice President for Research (or their designees).

  • Academic Year 2023-2024
    • Charles De Leone, Dean of Graduate Studies & Research
    • Scott Gross, AVP Industry Partnerships
    • Carmen Mitchell, Library Dean designee
    • Janelle Temnick, Interim Executive Director of CSUSM Corporation
    • Tony Chung, Chief Information Officer
    • Kimber Quinney, Assistant Professor | CHABBS History | Faculty At-large 23-25
    • Justin Perron, Associate Professor | CSTEM Physics | Faculty At-large 23-25
    • Jing Hou, Assistant Professor | CSTEM Computer Science and Information Systems | Faculty At-large 23-24
    • Sheila Van Metre, Administrative Support
  • Academic Year 2022-2023
    • Charles De Leone, Dean of Graduate Studies & Research
    • Scott Gross, AVP Industry Partnerships
    • Carmen Mitchell, Library Dean designee
    • Will Marchese, Director of CSUSM Corporation
    • John Humes, IITS Dean designee
    • Kimber Quinney, Assistant Professor of History
    • Kambiz Hamadani, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
    • Marcus Wadley, Assistant Professor of Marketing
    • Sheila Van Metre, Administrative Support

At this time, the committee seeks your comments, questions, or thoughts about our CSUSM IP Policy.  

Please contact with questions regarding Intellectual Property.