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Centers and Institutes

Centers and Institutes at CSUSM facilitate the conduct and dissemination of research, perform public service, or provide special training.  Their purpose is, generally, to bring into focus the communication, learning, research, or other efforts of faculty, students, and staff interested in an area of study or service not normally offered by a single academic department or program. A center or institute can enhance service and professional development opportunities for students, faculty, and staff; build links with government, industry and community organizations; foster interdisciplinary work; aid in obtaining external support; and complement the instructional program. 

Centers and Institutes Policy and Procedure

Centers and Institutes at California State University San Marcos  

California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center (CICSC)
Dr. Joely Proudfit, Faculty Director
Tel:  760-750-4619

Center for Leadership Innovation and Mentorship Building (CLIMB)
Dr. Rajnandini Pillai, Faculty Director
Tel: 760-750-4234

Center ARTES (Arts, Research, Teachers, Education, Schools)
Dr. Merryl Goldberg, Faculty Director
Tel: 760-750-4322

Center for Research and Engagement in STEM Education (CRESE)
Dr. Edward Price, Faculty Director
Tel: 760-750-8040
April Nelson, Director of Operations
Tel: 760-750-4725
Dr. Ranjeeta Basu, Faculty Director


National Latino Research Center (NLRC)
Dr. Konane Martinez, Faculty Director 
Tel: 760-750-8261
Rita Cooper, Executive Operations Manager
Tel: 760-750-4084
CSU Shiley Haynes Institute for Palliative Care at CSUSM
Dr.  Michael McDuffie, Faculty Director
Tel: 760-750-4066