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Committee for International Research

The Committee for International Research (CIR) is open to all CSUSM faculty who conduct research and scholarly and creative activities outside of the United States

Our goals:

  • Build community
  • Develop ideas to support international research needs
  • Connect faculty to campus and CSU resources & guidance 
  • Communicate & develop processes to further university support of international scholarly work
  • Engage in and support interdisciplinary work across campus
  • Promote & amplify faculty international research at annual symposium

2023-2024 Meetings:

Fall 2024 - All meetings will be held through Zoom on Mondays from 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM.

  • September 9 & 23
  • October 7 & 21
  • November 4 & 18
  • December 2

Spring 2025 - To be Announced

Please contact Dr. Elizabeth Ridder (, CIR Faculty Fellow, with any questions.

Committee Members:

  • Faculty Fellow

    Dr. Elizabeth Ridder

    Dr. Elizabeth Ridder - Associate Professor, Geography

    Founding Faculty Fellow 2023-2025

    Vegetation response to climate changes. Human landscape use. Urban wildlife.

    I am plant biogeographer and physical geographer and I am interested in human-environment relationships. I study climate and human-related changes to plant distributions, specifically the underlying factors that lead to land-use and land-cover change, and how human decision-making in response to environmental change influences agricultural practices. I use field-based methods to study vegetation and landscape-level disturbances by integrating geospatial analysis and modeling. From this perspective I examine prehistorical to modern vegetation change, model present-day species distributions, and combine projections of land-cover change and species distributions under multiple climate change scenarios.

  • 2023-2024

    Alyssa Sepinwall, Professor, CHABSS History

    Andrew Spieldenner, Associate Professor, CHABSS Communication

    Antonio De La Garza, Associate Professor, CHABSS Communication

    Antonio Zaldivar, Associate Professor & Department Chair, CHABSS History

    Armaghan Ziaee, Assistant Professor, CHABSS Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

    AsherLev Santos, Associate Professor, CEHHS Public Health

    Cecilia Uy-Tioco, Associate Professor, CHABSS Communication

    Ching-Ming Cheng, Professor, CHABSS School of Arts - Music

    Dino Bozonelos, Lecturer, CHABSS Political Science & Global Studies

    Elizabeth Matthews, Professor, CHABSS Political Science & Global Studies

    Elizabeth Ridder, Associate Professor, CHABSS Liberal Studies

    Elvis Nshom, Associate Professor, CHABSS Communication

    France-Luce Benson, Assistant Professor, CHABSS School of Arts - Theatre

    Gloria Pindi, Associate Professor, CHABSS Communication

    Jon Spenard, Associate Professor, CHABSS Anthropology

    Lucy HG Solomon, Associate Professor, CHABSS School of Arts – Art, Media, and Design

    Marion Geiger, Professor, CHABSS Modern Language Studies

    Meegan Feori-Payne, Assistant Professor, CoBA Marketing

    Meshack Simati, Assistant Professor, CHABSS Global Studies

    Michael Hughes, Associate Professor, CHABSS Modern Language Studies

    Mikee Inton-Campbell, Assistant Professor, CHABSS Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

    Paola Ometto, Assistant Professor, CoBA Management

    Ranjeeta Basu, Professor, CHABSS Economics

    Reuben Mekenye, Associate Professor, CHABSS History

    Robert Gutierrez, Assistant Professor, CHABSS Communication

    Sandra Doller, Associate Professor, CHABSS Literature and Writing Studies

    Shannon Swanson, Assistant Professor, CHABSS Environmental Studies

    Teru Toyokawa, Associate Professor, CEHHS Human Development

    William Byun, Lecturer, CoBA Finance

    Xiaoye She, Assistant Professor, CHABSS Political Science

CSUSM International Research Collaborations:

Image of CSUSM International Collaborations map with link to external detailed map 

If you want to add a new collaboration to the map or update an existing one, please contact Mar Roig Ripoll (, Grants and Contracts Specialist at OGSR.