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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

California State University San Marcos recognizes the value of research. At the same time, we strive to minimize the use of animals and to ensure humane treatment of any animals used in research.

The Office for Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW, formerly OPRR) is the entity at PHS responsible for administration of PHS Policy as authorized by the Health Research Extension Act, Public Law 99-158. PHS Policy consists of:

The regulatory documents used by USDA and PHS can be grouped into three categories

  • The Health Research Extension Act
  • The Animal Welfare Act and Regulations
  • And interpretive rules (guidance).

Institutions must comply with all three of the categories. 

There are some differences between the USDA Animal Welfare Act Regulations and PHS Policy. PHS Policy oversees PHS funded animal activities using live vertebrates. The USDA Animal Welfare Act Regulations apply to warm blooded animals living and dead, regardless of funding, with the exception of "birds, rats of the genus Rattus, and mice of the genus Mus, bred for use in research." However, it is a best practice to conduct IACUC business in a way that complies with both USDA Animal Welfare Act Regulations and PHS Policy no matter what species is involved, and no matter what source is used to fund the research. This practice helps to ensure uniform and consistent standards, an essential ingredient of an animal care and use program. It will also demonstrate to the public that regardless of the funding source, care and use standards are the same for all animals.

Remember that the Animal Care Section of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is the entity at USDA that enforces the Animal Welfare Act public law through the Animal Welfare Act Regulations (AWAR).

IACUC Email Address
Messages are directed to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research and the IACUC Chair.

Institutional Officer (IO)
Dr. Charles De Leone, Dean
Office of Graduate Studies and Research