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Intellectual Property Disclosure

An Intellectual Property (IP) Disclosure is a confidential description of an invention or creation submitted by
the inventors to initiate the protection and commercialization process. Disclosure is essential to protect the potential patent rights of any intellectual property and is required by U.S. federal law when any federal money has been used to support the research, a requirement that campus policy expands to all research.

  • Why would I submit an IP Disclosure?

    The Intellectual Property (IP) Disclosure is the moment when a creator claims responsibility for a new discovery. It is the official marker for who discovered what and when by outlining the specific details of the discovery. 

    The Intellectual Property (IP) Disclosure form is also the formal first step to begin the process of evaluating IP for potential patentability, commercialization, and related institutional support. Depending on a review from the Intellectual Property (IP) Committee and a decision from the Provost, creators may be entitled to significant support for patent prosecution and licensing negotiations. 

  • Who needs to submit an IP Disclosure?

    CSUSM staff, faculty, or administrators who create a unique or novel discovery (device, method, process, research tool, software, etc.) that may solve a significant problem or have significant value must complete and submit an Intellectual Property (IP) Disclosure form. 

    According to the campus policy, if students have created Intellectual Property (IP) independent of any faculty, they own the IP. Because the university has no ownership stake in the IP, a disclosure is not required. 

  • How do I submit an IP Disclosure?
    • STEP 1: Prepare responses by reviewing the IP Disclosure Form (PDF Read Only)
    • STEP 2: Complete IP Disclosure Form (Web based form)
    • STEP 3: Once reviewed and approved, an adobe sign form will be sent to the CSUSM email account of all technical team members to complete.