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CSUSM Academic Senate Policies

Academic Policy Committee 

Academic Renewal (APC 038-92)
Latin Honors Criteria at Graduation (APC 035-92)
Add Policy (APC 039-92)
Drop and Withdrawal Policy (APC 336-08)
Curriculum Proposers Policy (APC 700-14)
Credit Certificate Policy (APC 156-98)
Credit by Challenge Examination (APC 281-04)
Grading Symbols (APC 160-99)
I Grades for Graduating Students (APP 060-94)
Graduate Studies Policies (APC 163-99)
Inactive Courses (APC 193-00)
Centers and Instituties at CSU San Marcos (APC 234-02)
Undergraduate Probation, Disqualification, and Reinstatement (APC 236-02)
Graduate Probation, Disqualification and Reinstatement (APC 237-02)
Service Learning (APC 245-02)
Master's Thesis and Project Committee Composition (APC 262-03)
Graduation Requirements (APC 265-03)
Graduate and Post Baccalaureate Student Course Repeat (APC 307-06)
Course Repeat and GPA Adjustment (APC 309-06)
Graduate Studies:  Concurrent Master's Degree Credit (APC 317-07)
Second Master's Degree (APC 382-11)
Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement - Graduate Level (GWARGL) (APC 321-07)
Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement - Baccalaureate Level (GWARBL) (APC 718-15)
Undergraduate Catalog Rights (APC 342-09)
International Baccalaureate Program Credit (APC 345-09)
College Level Examination Program Credit (APC 346-09)
Excess Units Seniors (APC 349-10)
Academic Program Discontinuance (APC 353-09)
Declaration of Major and Specialization (APC 359-10)
Undergraduate and Graduate Dual-Listed Courses (APC 361-10)
Graduation Requiremens for Second Bachelor's Degree (APC 364-10)
English Language Admissions Requirement (APC 365-10)
Humane Care and Use of Animals (APC 372-11)
Credit Hour (APC 374-11)
Independent Study, Research and Internship Courses (APC 381-11)
Maximum Number of Units During Winter Intersession (APC 394-12)
Course Syllabi Policy (APC 710-14)
Final Exam Conflicts (APC 719-15)
Online Instruction (APC 726-16)
Human Subjects Protection in Research (APC 733-17)
Extended Learning's Roles & Responsibilities(APC 168-99)
Upper Division Courses for Lower Division General Education Credit (APP 047-93)
Class Ranking (APP 061-94)
Accreditation of Academic Programs (APP 089-95)

Anti-Racism, Anti-Colonialism, and Social Justice Committee

(This Committee begain its work in the Spring 2022 semester)

Budget and Long-range Planning Committee

Expanding Existing Stateside Programs to Self-Support Delivery (BLP)
Moving Self-Supported Academic Programs to State-Supported Funding (BLP 705-14)
University Academic Master Plan (BLP 228-01)

BLP Review of Proposals (793-22) (Process) 

Faculty Affairs Committee





Sabbatical Leave Policy (FAC 059-94)
Misconduct in Scholarship and Research (FAC 093-05)
Research and Educational Grant Applications (FAC 138-97)
Emeritus Faculty (FAC 157-98)
Difference in Pay Leave (FAC 196-00)
Grant Proposal Seed Money Policy (FAC 214-01)
Harry E. Brakebill Distinguished Professor Award (FAC 217-02)
Custom Course Material (FAC 260-03)
Faculty Grants Review Committee Policy (FAC 322-07)
Department Chair Selection (FAC 375-11)
Wang Family Excellence Awards (FAC 709-14)
Assigned Time for Exc eptional Levels of Service to Students (FAC 712-15)
Visiting Faculty (FAC 720-15)
Policy on Ethical Conduct (FAC 735-17)
Faculty Office Hours and Availability to Students (FAC 745-17)
Application for Salary Increase for Market or Equity Purposes
Faculty on Leave Serving on Peer Review & RTP Committees

General Education Committee

General Criteria for Lower Division G.E. Courses
General Education Study Abroad Policy (GEC 170-99)
Required Earned Units to Enroll in Upper-Division General Education Courses (GEC 331-08)
American Institutions and Ideals (GEC 373-11)
All University Writing Requirement (GEC 392-12)
Upper Division General Education (UDGE) (GEC)
Upper Division General Education Learning Outcomes (GEC 394-12)
Upper Division Courses for Lower Division General Education Credit (APP 047-93)
Language Requirement in General Education (GEC 742-17)
Credit/No Credit Grade Option for General Education (GEC 743-90)
Diversity and Equity Graduation Requirements (GEC 744-17)

Lecturer Committee

(This Committee began its work in the Spring 2022 semester.)

Nominations, Elections, Appointments & Constitution Committee

Faculty Service and Voting While on Leave (NEAC 102-96)
Election Rules and Procedures of the CSUSM Academic Senate (NEAC 736-94)

Program Assessment Committee

Program Review (PAC 133-97)

Student Affairs Committee

Student Grievance (SAC 043-92)
Academic Integrity Policy (SAC 083-95)
Student Course Grade Appeals (SAC 216-02)
Instructor Management of Student Course Records (SAC 239-02)
Student Athletes and Class Absences (SAC 341-09)
Student Absence from Class for University Events and Religious Observances (SAC 348-09)
Field Trips (SAC 399-13)
Student Internships (SAC 714-15)

Technology Policy & Advisory Committee

Intellectual Property (LATAC 279-04)

University Curriculum Committee