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Promotion and Tenure Committee (PTC)

(Meeting agendas and minutes are not available to the general public/community due to the highly confidential work of this committee.)

The meeting schedule of this committee is determined early in the Fall semester to accommodate the schedules of all committee members.

VOTING MEMBERS 23-24 SEAT (Representing)
Ofer Meilich CoBA 23-25
Joely Proudfit Faculty At-large 23-25
Lori Heisler CEHHS 23-25, PTC Chair 23-24
Allison Carr Library 22-24
Ranjeeta Basu CHABSS-BSS 22-24
Betsy Read CSTEM 22-24
Jonathan Berman CHABSS-HA 22-24

Committee Charge:  The Promotion and Tenure Committee shall be charged with implementing its duties in accordance with the Faculty Personnel Procedures for Retention, Tenure, and Promotion policy and the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and to make recommendations to the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs on retention, tenure, and promotion.