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Nominations, Elections, Appointments & Constitution Committee (NEAC)

NEAC Agendas and Minutes 23/24 (Accessible to Campus Community - login required)
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NEAC Policies
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Meetings are held: Online and in person.
Meetings will be scheduled around member availability.

Voting Member List
Moses Ochanji  CEHHS 23-25
Elsie Solis (CEHHS-SoE) Faculty At-large 23-25 (From College/Unit other than that held by Lecturer member of NEAC)
Tricia Lantzy Library  22-24
Jolynn Zhou CoBA 22-24
Mike Picollelli CSTEM 22-24, NEAC CHAIR 23-24
Terri Metzger (CHABSS) Lecturer Faculty 22-24

Committee Charge: The Nominations, Elections, Appointments, and Constitution Committee shall solicit nominations, prepare slates, and conduct elections for all elected Senate offices, Standing Committees, and Statewide Academic Senate representatives, make nominations to the Senate for committee appointments, recommend ways to improve committee operations and the formation or disbandment of committees, and review and suggest amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws.  In pursuit of these duties, the committee may create ad hoc subcommittees.