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September 2012 Senate Synopsis

December 2012 Senate Meeting Highlights

Chair Jackie Trischman opened the fourth Academic Senate meeting of 2012-13 by inviting everyone to the Spring Academic Assembly on January 17 in ARTS 240.  A continental breakfast is provided at 8:30; the assembly will commence at 9:00 with remarks from the president, provost, and Brakebill Distinguished Professor Martha Stoddard-Holmes.  Trischman and Senate Vice Chair/Chair Elect Vivienne Bennett met with the president and provost recently; topics of interest were (1) developing an evaluation process for the Academic Affairs reorganization, and (2) examining the current space allocation process to see if it can become more transparent.  At a joint meeting of the Academic Affairs Leadership Council and the Senate Budget and Long-range Planning Committee, the Three-Year Rolling Plans from each college were examined; over 80 new academic programs have been proposed.  Trischman also made formal referrals to several standing committees and announced that the Executive Committee adopted meeting norms for Senate work (committees, task forces, etc.).  These become part of the Senate‚Äôs standing rules. 

Senators and guests joined Trischman in honoring retiring professor, senator, and California Faculty Association chapter president Don Barrett with a resolution and a standing ovation for his service to CSUSM. 

In major items of business, the Senate approved the College of Science and Mathematics Retention, Tenure and Promotion document and a minor revision to the university RTP document (codifying current practices).  The certificate program for Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) from CoBA was approved following a suspension of the rules.  Discussion items that may be considered for a vote in February are the Department Chair selection policy, the Lecturer Evaluation policy, and a revision to the Student Course Grade Appeals policy.

AVP for Planning and Academic Resources Graham Oberem and FAS Assistant Vice President Katy Rees presented a proposal for an Academic Excellence and Student Success student fee as part of the alternative consultation process for consideration of the fee. 

Complete minutes of each Academic Senate meeting are available on the Senate website as soon as they are approved at the following Senate meeting.  The next Senate meeting is Wednesday, February 6, from 1-2:50 PM in COM 206.  You do not need to be a senator to attend Senate meetings.  All members of the campus community (students, faculty, staff, administrators) are welcome to attend.

Janet McDaniel, Secretary