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Lucy HG Solomon, M.F.A

Media Design, School of Arts

Situated in the hybrid world of art and science, Lucy HG Solomon explores the impact of percussive human actions on animals and ecosystems. An internationally exhibiting artist whose subjects range from microbiological landscapes to manmade glaciers, her work layers science and narrative through digital media. In collaboration with the art collective, The League of Imaginary Scientists, she invites dialogue about human interactions with our surroundings through responsive art and digital storytelling.

Lucy HG Solomon teaches a range of courses that examine the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. She encourages students to examine issues of importance to them using digital tools. In response to her work with students on the topic of sustainability, CYPHER International awarded her one of their 2016 Change Maker awards at the Sustainable Earth Decathlon. She is also a 2016 recipient of the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Best Practice Award for Sustainability in Academics, awarded by CHESC (CA Higher Education Sustainability Conference).

Lucy HG Solomon was awarded an MFA in Art from Claremont Graduate University and received a teaching fellowship from the Armory Center for the Arts. She has a history of layering nature and the human narrative in different contexts – with NASA through an artistic residency, with the Sundance Institute while crafting a crowd-sourced animation, and in remote places like the Arctic Circle, where she investigated the human/nature question. She has worked in collaboration with engineering students at Bradley University and in between chemistry, dance, and architecture in New York City, with the Scandinavian choreography collective, E.K.K.O. She initiated the art and science collective, The League of Imaginary Scientists, whose creative output has been anthologized in a book by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles:  Social Practice at MOCA 2008-2012.

Her interdisciplinary art has been exhibited widely, including at MOCA, the Art Museum of the University of Memphis, the Letterkenny Regional Cultural Centre in Ireland, Arhus Museum in Denmark, and locally at A Ship in the Woods in Escondido. Her articles and stories on the relationship of human beings to the planet and its non-human inhabitants have been published in the Visual Communication Quarterly, pacificREVIEW, Leonardo Journal, and Second Nature. She has held many residencies, including at California Institute of the Arts, MIT’s synthetic biology laboratory, Trondheim Art Academy in Norway, and eMobiLArt, the European Mobile Lab for Interactive Media Artists. Grants include support from the LA Department of Cultural Affairs, OLATS, iLAND, the Swiss Federal Office, and the Royal Norwegian Consulate.

 Lucy HG Solomon’s work with the League of Imaginary Scientist is at HG Solomon photo by Christopher Robertson

 Photo credit: Arts and Technology student Christopher Robertson

Office: ARTS 335
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