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Lucy Solomon

Faculty Bio

A digital media artist who reframes scientific phenomena through a societal lens, Lucy HG Solomon grows mushrooms in philosophy books while also contemplating how to think like a mushroom. She is a founding member of the League of Imaginary Scientists, which since 2006 has exhibited in far-flung places such as the far north of Norway, held residencies at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, and collaborated with NASA to create a Mars-focused study of Earth. Her more recent collective Cesar & Lois, formed with Brazilian artist Cesar Baio, received the 2018 Lumen Prize in Artificial Intelligence for an art installation that merges artificial and microbiological intelligences. Cesar & Lois is currently exploring the subject of plant architecture with researchers at the Salk Institute. Her work with student researchers is based in the DaTA (Data and Trandisciplinary Art) lab, where she collaborates on data visualization of environmental networks.
Lucy Solomon

Research and teaching interests:

  • Data visualization around sustainability and environmental futures
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and science/design cross-pollination
  • Fostering artist researchers
  • Interactive and digital interfaces
  • Cross-cultural and cross species communication (“thinking together”)
  • Community-building and collaboration

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