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Academic English Support

Amanda Tomanek joined the CSUSM Writing Center as the Academic English Language Specialist in 2019. She earned a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at Teachers College, Columbia University. Amanda‚Äôs background includes experience teaching and designing curriculum for undergraduate writing courses for international students in the US and in Japan. For more assistance with supporting English Language Learners in your course, you can reach out to Amanda on Microsoft Teams or by email at


For students who need extra support for writing topics in your course, these resources are helpful to share with them:

If you encounter students who may require more direct assistance, consider recommending that they apply for Ongoing Support. Students accepted into the Ongoing Support program will create a specialized support plan for the semester. Learn more about the program by viewing our Ongoing Support description and application.

Antiracist Pedagoy and Equitable Classrooms

As CSUSM moves towards being an antiracist institution, we recognize that we may need to reflect on our ideas of academic writing and grammar. The following are a few resources for anti-racist teaching and student support: