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Assigning The Writing Center

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We love working with students, especially those who want to visit us, and we certainly appreciate seeing students learning about our services.



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How to Assign the Writing Center

1. Choose an Assignment

Please be intentional about how you assign Writing Center encounters. We offer many services at the Writing Center, but not all of them are recorded as credit for your course. See below for which services are available to be assigned. Consider some of these best practices:

  • Make the assignment relevant to the course expectations.
  • Link the assignment with a larger project. For instance, assign an APA workshop or quiz before a APA paper is due. 
  • Assign a low point value to the encounter. Although points may be an incentive to visit, we do not want students to harbor any resentment toward the Writing Center.

2. Pick a Due Date

Please keep in mind that we are busiest during midterms and finals, so assigning tutoring for which there is limited availability may put your students in a stressful and sometimes impossible situation.  

3. Notify the Center

Email to let use know what you are assigning for credit and when it is due. We will email you a list of students who completed the assignment.

4. Share the Link with Your Students

All you have to do next is to send the link of the webinar, quiz, or information session to your students. If you are assigning tutoring, please direct them to our website.

Available for Credit


Tutoring is a highly engaging and effective resource for students. It is also contingent on staff availability. Please email to inquire about assigning tutoring as a component of your course grade. 

Workshops and Webinars

Students can attend one of our hybrid workshops or webinars. See the workshop schedule to see our upcoming events! 

Webinar Recordings and Practice Quizzes

Webinar recordings and practice quizzes are helpful resources for your students to complete asynchronously, at their own pace and on their own time. Should you wish to assign these resources, please let us know and we will provide you logs of their completion. Kahoot! quizzes are also available for some topics for playing live in class or assigning as asynchronous practice; we can share these with you upon request. We offer materials for the following categories:

Composition and Process

Note: The webinar recording links will require viewers to log in with their Microsoft account (email without the word "cougars") in it. Google Quizzes are only accessible by student accounts; faculty will be unable to see or take quizzes. We can provide demonstrations of the quizzes to interested faculty. 

Composition and Process

AXES Paragraphs

AXES Paragraphs Webinar
AXES Paragraphs Quiz

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Sources Webinar


Outlining Webinar
Outlining Quiz


Paraphrasing Webinar
Paraphrasing Quiz

Synthesizing and Integrating Research

Synthesizing and Integrating Research Webinar

Thesis Statements

Thesis Statements Webinar

Time Management for Writing

Time Management for Writing Webinar


Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated Bibliographies Webinar
Annotated Bibliographies quiz

Argumentative Essays

Argumentative Essays Webinar

Emailing Instructors and Other University Staff

Emailing Instructors and Other University Staff Webinar
Emailing Instructors Quiz

Personal Statements

Personal Statements for Scholarship Essays Webinar

Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis Webinar
Kahoot! quiz available

Writing Essays for History

Writing Historical Essays: Tips and Guidelines Webinar


Active and Passive Voice

Active and Passive Voice Webinar
Active and Passive Voice Quiz

Fragments, Run-ons, and Comma Splices

Fragments, Run-ons, and Comma Splices Webinar

Sentence Types

Sentence Types Webinar

Subject-Verb Agreement

Subject-Verb Agreement Webinar
Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz
Kahoot! quiz available



APA Citations Webinar
APA Citations Quiz
Kahoot! quiz available


MLA Citations Webinar
MLA Citations Quiz
Kahoot! quiz available


Analyzing and Annotating Articles

Analyzing and Annotating Articles Webinar

Reading Syllabi and Assignment Prompts

Reading Syllabi and Assignment Prompts Webinar

Reading Research--IMRaD and More

Reading Research--IMRaD and More Webinar

Textbook Reading Strategies and Study Tips

Textbook Reading Strategies and Study Tips Webinar
Kahoot! quiz available

Information Sessions

Information Sessions are a great opportunity for students to learn about the Writing Center's services. They are regularly scheduled during the first two weeks of the semester.

Not Available for Credit

  • Asynchronous Feedback is a great resource for students who know what they want feedback on but are unable to schedule a time with a tutor..Tutors will provide feedback between 2 and 5 business days. We do not report asynchonous feedback to instructors because it is a low-impact engagement.
  • Quick Help is available on Microsoft Teams. Students can post their questions and receive feedback as quick as we can offer it.  We do not report Quick Help to instructors because it is a low-impact engagement.