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Schedule an Information Presentation

Length: 15 minutes

While being respectful of your instruction time, tutors or the center’s director can present to your class on the services and benefits of the Writing Center. With your help, we will also note a few of your assignments that pair best with our services. 

Schedule an In-Class Workshop

Length: 45 minutes

You can select from a list of our frequently requested workshops which we will bring to your class! Students will be able to address specific issues of your choice during that time. If you would like to request a workshop not included in our  list, we will work to develop one that fits your course and your concerns. Workshop times vary and we are flexible! 

We are also available for facilitating group work during class for research and writing assignments.

Schedule Online Help

Starting in Spring 2020, the Writing Center is available via Teams for webinars, workshops, and quick help. If online support would be beneficial to your course, feel free to choose this option on our form.

To request in class services, please use the form below. We ask that you submit your request a minimum of 2 weeks before the first preferred date.

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