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During alternative modes of instruction, the Writing Center will not sign and stamp Agenda Forms. Instructors will instead be given a full report of their student's visits at the end of the semester.

While we are not signing or stamping agenda forms at this time, completing one can still be helpful in preparing for a session. 



 Check This Out: The Writing Center Works When You Work!

Statistics from Fall 2013 show clearly that GEW students who come to the Writing Center get  more A's and less failing grades.

How does the Writing Center contribute to GEW performance? 

  • Students who make a commitment to come to the Writing Center are also the students making a commitment to their educational performance overall.
  • Students who come to the Writing Center and work with our consultants receive confidence-building guidance and assurance that THEY CAN DO IT, and they take that confidence home with them.
  • The keys to college writing--the ones that separate strong high-school writers from strong college writers--are difficult to learn without one-on-one discussion. Writing Center consultants (AND professors, of course!) provide that personalized discussion that may get students over the "hump" between a C grade and an A grade.

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Friday: 9 am - 2 pm

The Writing Center

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The Writing Center is one of the Centers for Learning & Academic Success Services at CSUSM. We are part of the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

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