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General Education Writing (GEW)

GEW101B students are required to engage with us at least two times. The goal is to familiarize yourself with our resources, which are available to you your entire college career! Another benefit: Our data shows us that the more student visits us for a given course, the better the grade they earn. 

What Counts?

There are three engagements that count toward the requirement.You may complete your requirement with any combination of two of these three (unless otherwise instructed by your teacher):

  1. Visit us one-on-one online or in-person
    Spend 45 minutes with us as we work through your together through your writing process. We support you in meeting the demands of the prompt while formulating and realizing your personal goals. 
  2. Attend a live webinar
    For 40 minutes, join us at noon on select days online on Microsoft Teams. There we will discuss some of the best ways to succeed in your writing assignments and how to overcome some of the most common obstacles.
  3. Watch a webiner recording
    On your own schedule, watch a 40 minute session recording of one of our live webinars. Pause and practice at your own pace. (Note: You are redirected to our videos after filling out a short registration form). 

What is Recommended?

Based on other GEW students, we recommend the following pathways sequences to complete the requirement. 

Pathway 1

Video: About Our Services 

Video: AXES Paragraphing

Visit Us Online or In-Person

Pathway 2

Video: About Our Services 

Video: MLA Format

Visit Us Online or In-Person

Pathway 3

Visit Us Online or In-Person

Visit Us Online or In-Person AGAIN!

Pathway 4

Visit Us Online or In-Person

Video: Emailing Your Instructors

Pathway 5

Video: About Our Services 

Video: AXES Paragraphing

Video: MLA Format Video

Pathway 6

Video: Thesis Statements

Video: Time Management

Pathway 7

Video: Rhetorical Analysis

Video: Snythesizing Sources

Pathway 8

Video: Subject-Verb Agreement

Video: Sentence Types


How does my instructor know?

The Writing Center regularly shares and updates a spreadsheet of all student visits with GEW instructors. The list is refreshed at the beginning of each week.