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General Education Writing (GEW)

As the GEW program has long introduced students to college-level writing, they have also introduced the students to college-level writing support, specifically the Writing Center. This introduction comes in the form of required engagemetns. The goal is become familiar with our resources, which are available to students their entire CSUSM careers!


GEW101B instructors introduce their class to the Writing Center before Week 6 of the semester, and their students will engage with Writing Center services an additional time before the end of the semester.  

First Engagement

For the first 6 weeks of the semester, instructors can choose to:  

  • invite a tutor to provide a brief overview of services 
  • invite a tutor to provide a brief overview of services AND participate in a class activity
  • bring their students to the Writing Center in the first two weeks of the semester

Instructors can schedule these options through bookings. 

Second and Subsequent Engagements

For the rest of the semester, students can engage with our services through: 

  1. Visit us one-on-one online or in-person
    Spend 45 minutes with a tutor as we work through the writing process. We support meeting the demands of the prompt while formulating and realizing personal goals. 
  2. Attend a live webinar
    For 40 minutes, students can join us at noon on select days online on Microsoft Teams. There we will discuss some of the best ways to succeed in writing assignments and how to overcome some of the most common obstacles.
  3. Watch a webiner recording
    On their own schedule, a student can watch a 40-minute recording of one of our live webinars Students can pause and practice at theirown pace. (Note: Access to recordings is granted after filling out a short registration form). 


Students who are co-enrolled in GEW101A and GEW100 will encounter the Writing Center through GEW100. In the lab-style class, the Writing Center visit twice through the semester to introduce students to the center's resources and to participate in a class activities.

Verifying Visits

Instructors can verify their student visits on their student rosters. These are updated at the beginning of each week. 

Students can verify visits by emailing