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Meet Our 2017-2018 Staff

Faculty Director:

Evan Smith is our Writing Center Director. He is a former teacher of GEW 101 and GEL 101, an alumnus of CSUSM, where he earned his M.A. and B.A in Literature and Writing Studies, and a lover of language. His research interests include online education, educational discourse analysis, writing process analysis, and heutagogy. When not co-directing or teaching, Evan enjoys audiobooks, dreams of one day having a dog, mindfulness, and movies.


Rebecca (Student Assistant) is a student in the CSUSM Literature and Writing Graduate Program; she has a Bachelor's Degree in Literature and Writing from CSUSM. In her field, Rebecca is interested in Fantasy, Horror, Feminist Theory, and Gender Studies. She has been working at the Writing Center since the 2015 Fall Semester. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys LARPing, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and videogames. 

(Graduate Student, Literature & Writing)


Elizabeth is a fourth-year student. Her major is Literature & Writing and she is working on a Business Administration minor. She is still figuring out what she wants in the future, but hopes to one day become a comic-book artist. When Elizabeth is not in school she paints, reads, writes, watches way too much anime, and makes frequent pilgrimages to the comic book store.

(Undergraduate Student, Literature & Writing)


Jonathon is a graduate student who is beginning his second semester working at the Writing Center. He is studying ancient history and plans on becoming a teacher at a community college unless he goes off the deep end and decides to pursue his Ph.D. as well. His hobbies include reading, writing, playing with fountain pens, and watching too many Sci-Fi shows.

(Graduate Student, History)



Kayla is a fourth-year student at CSUSM. She is majoring in Literature and Writing and minoring in History. After receiving her bachelor's, she wants to continue with her education and pursue a master's and a doctorate. She hopes to one day teach Comparative Literature at the university level. Kayla enjoys reading, writing, painting, pretending she can play piano well, perusing antique stores, and collecting vinyl records. She has poor vision, loves dogs, wears hats and denim jackets, and talks about space a lot. 

(Undergraduate Student, Literature & Writing)


Anna is a third-year student at CSUSM and she is majoring in Business Management and Organization. She hopes to one day start her own business, work in human resources, or become a book publisher. However, she is not limited to a career in the business world; she won a pancake eating contest at the age of 11 and is still hoping to become a professional pancake eater. In addition to eating, she enjoys reading, writing, snowboarding, helping others, and being silly. She is originally from Sweden and she loves to travel, so far she has been to 33 countries! 

(Undergraduate Student , Business)


Andrew is in his second year in the Graduate Program for LTWR at CSUSM. He got his BA in Literature and Writing from CSUSM. Andrew enjoys reading and writing, and is currently undergoing the process of writing his Graduate Thesis. He enjoys Deconstructionalist Literary Theory and the movie The Big Lebowski. 

(Graduate Student,  Literature & Writing)


Ali is a second-year student majoring in Literature and Writing Studies. After receiving her degree, she envisions herself becoming a high school english teacher, a freelance writer, or an advertising copywriter. When she is not studying or working, Ali enjoys reading, writing, and talking. Her friends and family never get tired of her verbal literature reviews and analyses. Ali has a love for animals and the great outdoors and enjoys seeing the world from the back of a horse. She has three dogs who live at her family’s home in Ramona; she visits them every week and sometimes manages to say hello to her human family while she is there. Ali enjoys eating lemons with salt and thinks a healthy dose of sarcasm can go a long way. 

(Undergraduate , Literature & Writing)

ali's  photo

Laurie is a fourth-year student majoring in Psychological Science, with a minor in French.  She hopes to be accepted into graduate school in order to continue her studies in the behavioral sciences.  With a busy family life on top of a busy school life, free time is spent having fun playing the drums, writing, dancing, listening to music, and laughing regularly. 

(Undergraduate Student, Psychology)  


Chelsea is a second-year student at CSUSM. She is majoring in biochemistry and minoring in Spanish. She wants to go to dental school at UCSF after receiving her bachelors at CSUSM. She enjoys cheesy jokes and food with cheese on it. In addition, she loves to read and write, especially on cold winter nights. You can also find her watching The Big Bang Theory and reading random articles on BuzzFeed. 

(Undergraduate Student, Biochemistry)


Jeremy is a fourth-year Literature and Writing student at Cal State San Marcos. Through his passion for writing, he one day hopes to create and write for cartoons, but he would also settle for a nice job at Nintendo. In his spare time, Jeremy can be found in a dimly-lit room, smashing away at a mechanical keyboard and screaming his frustrations against Genji and Junkrat. Other hobbies and interests of his include: an obsession with Dragon Ball, an addiction to Old School Runescape, and (oddly enough) weight lifting. He also owns a pug. 

(Undergraduate Student, Literature & Writing)


Mikayla is a third year student majoring in Literature and Writing studies as well as minoring in History. After receiving her degree, she envisions herself becoming an editor, publisher, or high school english teacher. When she isn't studying she is spending time with her friends and family and her cat Zephyr, after "The Zephyr Song" by Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Ashes, after "the valley of ashes" in the Great Gatsby, and one dog Dexter, after the hit TV show . Mikayla also loves anything that has to do with art and her favorite surrealist artist, Salvador Dali. She admires his art and surrealism so much that she has one of her five tattoo's dedicated to one of his paintings. When she isn't reading, writing, or studying she is saving up for her next tattoo which she considers one of the most addicting hobbies. 

(Undergraduate Student, Literature & Writing) 


Liana Pic

Liana is in her final semester at CSUSM, and her major is Literature and Writing. She is not sure where the future will take her, but being a teacher is under consideration. When Liana is not in school she enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and practicing yoga. 

(Undergraduate Student, Literature & Writing)



Destiny is a second year who is studying Kinesiology. She plans on pursuing physical therapy with her degree. Destiny is involved on campus with Black Student Union and Blu Cru. On her downtime she enjoys dancing, hanging out with friends, eating, and meeting new people.

(Undergraduate Student, Kinesiology) 


Creska is a third-year student. Her major is Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Therapy. a board member for CSUSM Kamalayan Alliance, which is the Filipino-American organization on campus, for two years. She likes to go to the beach and loves sight-seeing. She also enjoys going on trips out of the city with her close friends and exploring new grounds.

(Undergraduate Student, Pre-Nursing)


Khyati was born and brought up in India but has been in the US for three years now. She has been working at the writing center since Fall’16. She also works at the Math Lab and the Language Learning Center so you feel free to say hi whenever you see her around (which is most of the times ;)) She is a Junior, pursuing B.S. in Biological Sciences, along with a Minor in Chemistry. She looks forward to pursuing a master's degree in public health followed by dental school. During her downtime, she loves reading, listening to songs, watching TV shows, hiking and biking, hanging out with friends, eating, sleeping, traveling and surfing the net (specifically articles on food, nutrition and health - although she is not at all a healthy eater, haha.) Photography is another hobby of hers! 

(Undergraduate Student, Biological Sciences)


Michael is a 4th year Human Development major with an emphasis on Health Services. He is originally from San Diego, CA, born and raised. His goal in the future is to work as an Occupational therapist or in the Health Administration field, but depends on which Master Program he gets into first. He loves food and traveling; his favorite food is sushi and a dream destination of his is to go to London and Ireland.  He is involved on campus as a part of Alpha Psi Rho. 

(Undergraduate Student, Human Development)


Keely is a third year  Human Development student. She plans on becoming a counselor with her degree because she enjoys helping people in anyway that she can. She also loves singing, taking pictures, and hanging out with friends.

(Undergraduate Student, Human Development)


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