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Faculty and Staff

The Writing Center is dedicated to assisting all faculty in their efforts to elicit the best writing from their students. To assist students in different disciplines, it is imperative the Writing Center work closely with the instructors who know their discipline conventions and students best. If you have any suggestions for student resources beyond those available on our website, we welcome your comments and suggestions. If you would like to use our services, please refer to the list below for an overview of the resources that we offer CSUSM faculty. 

Syllabus Statement

To inform your students about the Writing Center and the services that we offer, please include the following statement in your course syllabi:

"The CSUSM Writing Center is located in Kellogg 1103. All writing consultants have gone through a rigorous hiring process, and they are well trained to assist all students within all disciplines to become better writers. In addition to 30-minute individual appointments, the Writing Center also offers online consultations and workshops on a variety of topics. To make an appointment or to refer to the numerous online resources offered through the Writing Center, visit the Writing Center website: For additional resources and updated information,  call the Writing Center at (760) 750-4168."

House Calls and Workshops

Our writing consultants can visit your classroom and

  • provide a 10-15 minute presentation to discuss Writing Center services with your students.
  • conduct a one-hour workshop (see workshop topics).
  • assist in peer-review groups. 

To request a visit or workshop for your class, please complete our request form. If you would like workshops or presentations for multiple classes, fill out one form per class.

Please review the following reminders before you request our services. 

  • We have a regular workshop schedule every semester, and our workshop topics cover different parts of the writing process and grammar. You can advertise our workshop schedule to your students if you don't want to use your class time for a special workshop. 
  • If you do request an in-class workshop, you must be present during the entire workshop session. You will also be responsible for making copies of our workshop materials for your students. 
  • We will try to accommodate your date and time requests; however, we can usually only schedule workshops during our normal hours of operation.
  • We recommend scheduling class visits early in the semester.

Resource Bank

The Writing Center is continuously working on this "resource bank" for faculty and would love to hear any suggestions of resources you'd like to see us add.