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Before submitting a request for feedback, please read all of the content on this page.

About Asynchronous Feedback

Using the form linked below, you can submit your writing and your concerns. Your request will be added to a limited waitlist of requests. If the waitlist full, you will receive an email informing you that your paper was not added.

If your paper was added to the waitlist,  a tutor will provide feedback on your work based on your concerns and significant, possibly unseen issues. You will recieve a confirmation email that your your paper was added, and you will recieve an additional email when your feedback is ready. 

Feedback comes two forms: higlighted text and MS Word comment boxes. 

Important Notes

  • We do not write, edit, or research for you.
  • Asynchronous feedback does not count toward required writing center visits.
  • You must include the prompt and full responses to the submission form's questions.
  • Follow-up questions must be asked through an additional request or a one-on-one appointment.
  • The more specific your request submission is, the more detailed your feedback will be.
  • Feedback is typically provided within 5 business days.


  • Can I submit my work for feedback?

    Every CSUSM student can submit a request for feedback; however, asynchronous feedback will not count toward required visits. 

    We provide feedback on writing for class, scholarship essays, personal statements, resumes, emails and more. 

    We do not write, edit, or research for you. 

  • Can a tutor find/fix all of my grammatical errors?

    The tutor will not find and/or fix all grammatical errors in your paper. We do not write, edit, or research for you. 

    If grammar is a concern for you, be specific about why. Are you having trouble figuring out where commas go? Is someone telling your your sentences aren't making sense? Are you afraid you have run-ons in your paper?

    The more we know, the better we can offer feedback about how you can identify and how you can fix those errors. 

  • Can a tutor fix my formatting?

    The tutor will not format your paper for you. We do not write, edit, or research for you. 

    If formatting is a concern for you, be specific about why. Are you having trouble citing your sources in the bibliography or in-text? Is the header giving you trouble? Does the spacing feel off? Does your instructor say you formatted incorrectly?

    The more we know, the better we can offer feedback about how you can identify and how you can fix those formatting issues.

    Before you submit your paper, you may want to see our formatting resources.

  • What do I need to submit a request for feedback?

     You will to provide the following:

    1. Your student ID#
    2. If for class, your class title (PHIL 110, MSW 500, etc.)
    3. Your instructor's name
    4. Your work (MS Word Doc. only)
    5. Your prompt (MS Word Doc or PDF only)
    6. A list of your concerns
  • How do I know if my request was received?

     You will recieve an email that confirms your request was added to our waitlist. If you did not receive an email, your request was not successfully submitted. 

    If you received an email that says your request was not added to the waitlist, you may have to submit a request a day or two later.

  • The link says I do not have access to the submission form. What do I do?

    Go to and sign in with your usual password but a modified version of your email address that does not have 'cougars.' For instance, would become

    After signing in, you should now have access to the submission form.

  • The link sends me to a browser version of my paper, but I do not see any feedback. Where is it?
    Once you access your paper through the link sent to you in your submission confirmation email, you may have to click "comments" in the upper righthand-side of your paper. You should then see all the comments provided by your tutor.
  • My request was not added to the waitlist. What can I do next?
     If the waitlist was too long for us to recieve your request, please consider making appointment for one-on-one session or, if you only have one or two questions,  chat with us in Quick Help
  • When will my feedback be ready?
    Typically, feedback is provided within 5 business days.  If you have not received feedback within that period, please email
  • How will I know my feedback is ready?
    When your feedback is ready, you will recieve an email with directions from on how to access that feedback. Please check your junk and clutter mail periodically to see if the email was incorrectly routed.
  • The feedback I recieved was not helpful. My paper needed more support.

    Tutors are trained to respond to the concerns listed in your submission form. If you concerns are non-specific, then the tutor is unlikely to know precisely on what you would like feedback. If your concerns are demanding editing or proofing, those concerns will be ignored per our guidelines. 

    Tutors are also trained not to overwhelm with feedback. They prioritize their comments to address your concerns as well as any issues that may have to do with misunderstanding the assignment or genre. With that said, feedback is focused to be writer-friendly and prioritized. 

    If you have other concerns about the feedback you recieved, you can express those concerns by emailing

  • I have questions about the feedback I received. What can I do?

    If you would like to submit another request for feedback, you can list your specific questions in the porition of the form where you list your concerns. If you need clarifying information about a resource or term used in our feedback, you can ask about it in Quick Help.

    If you are concerned about the feedback you recieved, you can express your concerns by emailing

  • My instructor requires me to use the Writing Center. Does this count?
    Asynchronous feedback does not count toward visit credit. To learn about which services do count, visit our visiting for credit page.

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