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Share Activity Reports With Students

Why do this
This allows students to view their personal activity reports in the course. These activity reports include date and time stamps for actions such as viewing course materials, submitting Assignments, taking and submitting Quizzes, posting in Forums, etc.

1. By default, this setting should already be enabled. To verify, in the Administration block, select Edit settings.

Administration block, Edit Settings

2. In the Appearance section, make sure "Show activity reports" is set to Yes."

appearance section, show activity reports to students

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save and display."

save and display button


How a student views their report

1. From the "This Course" dropdown on the navigation, the student should select Participants.

"This Course" on the navigation, then Participants

2. Next, the student clicks on their name in the Participants list.

student name

3. In the Reports section, the student should select All Logs.

under Reports, all Logs

4.  What the student then sees:

student activity logs