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“Now tell me, what will you do with your one wild and precious life?”

- Mary Oliver, American Poet and Pulitzer Prize Winner

Have you earned tenure or full professor and find yourself thinking, what’s next?  Have you just finished in your role as department chair and now want to explore new research or teaching ideas?

Mid-career faculty often find themselves at a place where future career goals are less defined and questions about how they want to spend the next 20 years emerge. While there is no one definition of mid-career, it is often considered to be the lengthy period of time after one has earned tenure and before one starts to prepare for retirement. For most faculty, this is a significant number of years and is oftentimes the longest and most productive period of a faculty member’s career. Faculty perceive the mid-career period as a time accompanied by both feelings of relief after earning tenure and increased workload and higher expectations. The Faculty Center offers workshops and individual consultations to help mid-career faculty navigate their careers.

Not yet a full professor? Attend one of our Thinking of Going Up for Full Professor workshops offered in Spring semesters.

Eager to spend some more time writing? Faculty who have projects underway, but want to find more time to write are encouraged to join our research and writing community groups led by our Fellow for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA).

Are you interested in a new research trajectory? Are you considering doing research with a community partner and in producing work that has a positive impact for communities? The Division of Community Engagement offers incentive grants to those who want to do community engaged scholarship. To learn more about the grant process (grants are awarded each Spring), or to learn more about an exciting and vibrant way of doing research, go to faculty engagement, or email Christina Holub, Faculty Director of CES: