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Sabbatical Resources

Sabbatical Application Advice and Best Practices

Before you begin:
The sabbatical application:

Compelling applications:

  • Describe a leave that will be taken up with activities that are time demanding and/or time limited opportunities.
  • Have a clear, detailed plan and timeline. Be explicit about the activities performed and when during the leave they will occur.
  • Timeline and activities need to be realistic, specific, and tied to the objectives you have identified
  • Provide sufficient detail to demonstrate that you have thought out how this sabbatical will meet the requirements of a sabbatical leave request.
  • Ensure readability by a general audience. The Professional Leave Committee (PLC) has representation from the entire university, most or all of whom are not experts in your field.

Less Compelling applications:

  • Asking for a sabbatical leave to do more of one’s research/creative activities with less teaching. Everyone has research/creative activities that take time. Your application needs to explain why your leave will aid beyond simply doing more.
  • Are vague and/or unrealistic. A detailed timeline, set of objectives, and planned activities are needed.

Additional Considerations:

  • Requesting a full-year sabbatical can have implications for CalPERS service credit. Consult HR for details on how this may affect your individual benefits.
  • PLC makes recommendations on sabbatical applications, but the Provost makes the final decision.