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Getting the Semester Started

Pre-semester Teaching Checklist

Our checklist offers several helpful tips and resources that can help you prepare for and navigate through the semester. We regularly update this resource before the start of each semester so you have the latest links to resources. 

Top Tips:

  • Contact your students before the first class meeting to establish your learning relationship, class goals, and expectations for the first week. We recommend reaching out during the pre-instruction week!
  • Make sure your Cougar Courses container is visible to students before the first class meeting.
  • Embrace the first day/week of class as a time to establish in-class community and share your expectations for students.

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Teaching Technologies


Canvas  - Learning Management System

Effective Fall 2022, CSUSM uses Canvas as the campus-wide learning management system. Faculty can access the Canvas platform and find general information and support for using Canvas from IITS.  
The Faculty Center, in partnership with Academic Technology Services, offered training Canvas training on a variety of topics in Summer 2022 to support faculty’s transition to the new learning management platform. 

Faculty Center Canvas Training Recording Canvas Technical Support/FAQ


Tips for online teaching