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Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Faculty Center is to support faculty in their multiple roles as teachers, researchers, scholars, artists, intellectuals, and as members of the university and wider community. Critical to such support is the enhancement of faculty vitality at any career stage and the promotion of collegiality. Center services, resources, and activities are available to all university faculty--full and part-time--and seek to promote effective teaching, successful research and creative activity, professional fulfillment and sound leadership. The Center offers a variety of activities to advance these four broad goals designed to serve the needs of our diverse faculty and a diverse student body, including the following:

Effective Teaching

To advance innovative, effective teaching and learning strategies throughout the university, further developing what is already quality teaching and extending our expertise on teaching and learning to the benefit of each student. To assist professors (instructors, teaching fellows) in their efforts to improve teaching by exploring the nature of the teaching/learning relationship. To provide workshops, seminars, one-to-one assistance, video feedback, and other activities that inspire reflection and action concerning teaching and learning that are based on the assumption that the teaching-learning relationship is complex and varies from situation to situation and from individual to individual. To serve as a teaching and learning resource center through the acquisition of materials aimed at furthering teaching/learning relationships. To enhance the teaching/learning relationship through outreach to faculty using a variety of means including workshops, newsletters, brief announcements, and individual consultation. To be a forum for sharing aspects of teaching/learning with colleagues.

Successful Research and Creative Activities

To promote individual and collaborative creative activities. To assist faculty in defining their research and creative activity goals and to encourage and help them seek funding to support these individual as well as institutional goals. To increase faculty writing productivity by providing workshops and courses on scholarly and professional writing aimed at achieving such goals as publication, presentation at scholarly or other professional meetings, and other media. To help faculty polish professional presentation skills. To facilitate faculty networking with scholars and artists who share similar research and creative activity goals and interests. To help locate funding sources and assist in the writing of successful proposals for grants, fellowships, and awards, including assistance in drafting budgets.

Successful and Effective Professional and Leadership Activities

To offer individually tailored support for faculty to prepare personal professional development plans. To promote faculty leadership and to assist faculty in managing their service to the university and wider community. To provide workshops in leadership skills. To help faculty succeed in the retention, tenure and promotion process, through workshops and individual consultation on topics such as setting professional goals, time management, understanding and improving student evaluations, and documenting and presenting contributions to teaching, research and creative activity, and service. Enhance Collegiality To create opportunities for faculty to meet and discover shared interests across disciplinary lines. To develop a center for faculty to meet, talk, read, and write. To build a sense of community among the faculty. To facilitate a better understanding regarding performance expectations. To provide a friendly environment where faculty can come and share expertise and concerns with colleagues.