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High-Impact Practices

High-impact practices (HIPS) are programs that take implement the broad goals of student engagement and meaningful learning experiences. These programs aim to help students apply academic knowledge across different settings and with different types of people. The combination of this application of knowledge in various settings, HIPS also look to foster deep learning by connecting students with faculty in research, writing-intensive courses and culminating experiences. Research has shown that when students engage in these activities that first-year retention, overall retention and graduations rates are positively affected. These outcomes are especially beneficial to underserved student groups.

CSUSM Engaged Education Definitions

This section will explore the literature on High impact practices as well as some of the high-impact practices taking place at CSUSM


  • First-Year Seminars
  • Common Intellectual Experiences
  • Learning Communities
  • Writing-Intensive Courses
  • Collaborative Assignments and Projects
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Diversity/Global Learning
  • Community-Based Learning
  • Internships
  • Capstone Courses and Projects


An expanded list of high-impact practices


Aside from faculty that institute high-impact pedagogy into their classes, California State San Marcos has several high-impact programs in which faculty can participate.