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Teaching & Learning at CSUSM

The Four Key Goals

"What is it that you hope every CSUSM college student experiences as a learner on this campus?" The Teaching and Learning Group, a cross-divisional group Co-sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Faculty Center, identified the following four key goals:

Inspires educational experiences that develop every student’s intrinsic desire to learn. 
Helps students develop skills to facilitate their own learning process so that they become agents of their own learning.
Fosters real-world application of knowledge to local and global societal and economic challenges. 
Recognizes the academic and personal struggles associated with learning and provides a network of resources to address those struggles as students work toward academic success


Generative AI and Teaching

To support faculty education about Generative AI, the Faculty Center directors have developed a Faculty Guidance and Suggestions on Generative AI  resource to introduce some basic information relevant for teaching. This is a "living document" that the center directors will update as needed as campus policies develop and new technologies become available.

Support at the Faculty Center

To support teaching and learning at CSUSM, the Faculty Center provides a variety of resources: 

  • The Faculty Center Associate Director of Teaching and Learning

In addition to organzing Faculty Learning Communities on teaching and learning, Summer Teaching Institutes, and one-off workshops, the Faculty Center Associate Director of Teaching and Learning also provides one-on-one appointments with faculty members to discuss issues regarding teaching and learning on campus. 

Click here for Faculty Center events

Click here for appointments with the Faculty Center directors

  • Faculty Reading Group

The Faculty Center invites you to join us for our faculty reading group for opportunities to discuss scholarship about teaching and academic life. You are welcome to attend as many meetings as you would like, we only ask you to: 1) RSVP ahead of time, and 2) read the book chapter/article prior to attending.

Details about the Fall 2023 reading group selections and meeting times forthcoming!