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Allow Additional Time for One or More Students

Why Do This

You may need to give a student with a disability extra time to complete a quiz. Or you might need to change the quiz open/close times for a student who has a legitimate reason for missing a quiz, or provide an additional attempt for a student who experienced a technical issue that  and wasn't able to complete the quiz . You can also set different quiz open/close times for groups, if you have a combined container and you want the students from different sections to take the quiz in class.  In that case the students would first need to be added to  groups, according to their section. 

1. Log on to Cougar Courses and go to the main page of your course.

2. Click Turn editing on.

turn editing on button

3. Create the quiz and select Save and display or select Edit next to the quiz name and then Edit settings.

Set Up Overrides

1. In the Administration block/ Quiz administration:

a. Click User overrides to modify the settings for one or more students.

  • Click Add User override button.


 b. Click Group Overrides to modify the settings for a group or groups.     

  • Click Add Group  override button. 


user override

 In the override screen, you can change the availability period, modify the time limit or the number of attempts allowed.

4. Select the student or group.

  • If user override: Select the student from the dropdown,  or enter their name in the search field.
  • If group override: Select the group from the dropdown. 
search for student name
Select override group

5. Optional - Require password:  Set a password in order for the student/group to attempt the quiz.   

6. To modify the availability or reopen the quiz for the selected student/group:

a. Click Enable adjacent to the Open and Close the quiz fields.

b. Set the desired dates and times.

7. To allow additional time:

a. Click Enable adjacent to the Time limit fields.

b. Use the dropdown to select the time variable: minutes, hours or days. Enter the value in the first field.

8. To provide additional attempts, use the dropdown to select the number.  Note:  if a student already has 1 submitted attempt, you must increase the number in order for them to access the quiz and use their override. 

set open, close dates, time limit and attempts allowed


 9. Select Save or Save and enter another override.