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Frequently Used Forms

Browse by topic below as each form includes descriptions and instructions on its purpose as well as where and how to submit the form. These forms are available to download and print using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Note:  We recommend downloading the form you need to your device (laptop/desktop computer or phone) in order to fill out the form electronically and submit it to the appropriate department.

Change of Address Submit to change your address. This can also be done via your Student Services Center. Change of Address
Course Prerequisite Waiver & Course Add Request Submit if you are requesting a course waiver on a prerequisite. Course Prerequisite Waiver & Course Add Request
Credit/No Credit Submit to change the grading option of a course from letter grade to Credit/No Credit (if course grading is not restricted) or vice versa during the add/drop period only. Once the credit/no credit option is exercised, it cannot be reversed for a letter grade after the add/drop deadline. Credit/No Credit
Diploma Re-Order Submit to request a duplicate diploma. Completed forms should also have $10 fee attached (check or money order). Diploma Re-Order
GRAD E699 Enrollment Submit to be enrolled in GRAD E699, which provides continuation of graduate standing for
students finalizing culminating activities (thesis, project, or comprehensive exam). Students enrolled in GRAD E699 should need no more than minimal faculty supervision.
GRAD E699 Enrollment
Late Enrollment Petition Submit to be enrolled in course(s) beginning the 3rd week of the semester. Requests beginning the 4th week of the semester will require approval of the College Dean or Designee. Late Enrollment Petition
Late Graduation Application Submit if you have missed the deadline to apply via your Student Services Center. Late Graduation Application
Leave of Absence Request Submit when requesting a formal leave of absence before the end of the add/drop period of the semester for which the leave is being requested. Student must meet all the conditions listed on form in order for request to be considered. Leave of Absence Request
Name Change Submit with proper documentation to process legal name change. Name Change
Student Fee Appeal Submit if you believe that your individual circumstance warrants exception from the published refund policies listed with the Student Financial Services department. Student Fee Appeal
Transcript Request Form Submit to request copies of official transcripts. Transcripts will not be processed if there are outstanding balances or holds on your account. This request may also be submitted via your Student Services Center. Transcript Request Form
Withdrawal Submit if you would like to request to be withdrawn from class(es) or the University after the 20th business day of the semester through the 12th week of the semester. After the 12th week, requests will only be considered if the cause is serious, compelling or is an extenuating circumstance. . Requests beginning the 12th week of the semester will require approval of the College Dean or Designee. Withdrawal