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History Major

Bachelor of Arts in History

A student with a B.A. in History from California State University San Marcos will be able to:

  1. Develop historical research questions, formulate appropriate research strategies, and critically evaluate evidence about the past.
  2. Develop and defend historical arguments, demonstrating an understanding of different theoretical approaches to historical interpretation.
  3. Effectively communicate, in clear and convincing prose, an understanding of the causes of historical change.
  4. Evaluate the influence of new digital and multimedia formats on the practice and presentation of history.
  5. Describe several varieties of experience found in the historical record and explain why diversity is a critical component of history.

All requirements are detailed in the University Catalog and in the Bachelor of Arts in History Worksheet

Beginning Fall 2018, the History B.A. program requires one upper-division course that explores Digital History and new media technology. By studying Digital History and utilizing digital tools, the CSUSM History department reflects its mission of teaching history and historical methods that equip students to think critically and independently so they can engage constructively as leaders and scholars in a diverse society and rapidly changing world. These methods will create an impact beyond the academic community. Courses that meet the digital history requirement are: HIST 300-8, HIST 300-15, HIST 312, HIST 332, HIST 336C, HIST 340, HIST 349, HIST 381.


Lower-Divison Preparation for the Major
Course Units
Two history sequences in two different world areas 12 Units
Lower-division general education courses including GEW 101 or an equivalent. 12 Units

Total: 24 Units

Upper-Division Requirements
Course Units
HIST 301 (Should be taken before any other 300-level courses are undertaken. Prerequisite for 400-level seminar.) 3 Units
Nine additional upper-division history courses 27 Units
At least one course at the 400 level or above 3 Units
 Total: 33 Units