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Digital History

The Department of History offers training and expertise in the field of Digital History. Digital History connects historical research and insights with the cutting-edge digital technologies that enable historians to not only streamline their research but also share their insights with the broader public. Digital History brings academic scholarship to public audiences through creativity and accessibility.

All History students have the opportunity to research and/or create Digital History projects through the completion of the History B.A. and M.A. programs. Digital History projects are introduced early in students’ undergraduate careers, and all M.A. students take a specialized graduate course and include a Digital History component in their Master’s theses.

Featured Digital History Projects

M.A. Student Theses

M.A. Student Projects

Chase Spear, "The Hearst Empire"

The Hearst EmpireSpring 2021, HIST 502

Kelly Morrow, "Museum of Film"

Museum of FilmFall 2021, HIST 510

Collaborative M.A. Student Projects

The History of San Marcos

History of San MarcosSpring 2019, HIST 502

CSUSM History Harvest: WWII

CSUSM History HarvestSpring 2015, HIST 502

B.A. Student Projects

Digital History Showcases

Digital History Showcase 2021

Digital History Showcase 2021

Digital History Support

Students and faculty developing Digital History projects are granted access to the state-of-the-art Digital History Lab. The lab supports the technical side of Digital History projects by providing students access to the necessary hardware and software to create exceptional work. Students also recieve guidence via research consultations, project coaching and support, and exposure to professional opportunities.

For more information visit: Digital History Lab

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