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Welcome to the Department of History

The mission of the History Department is to teach history and historical methods that equip students to think critically and independently so they can engage constructively as leaders and scholars in a diverse society and rapidly changing world. 

Our department consists of faculty who are committed to excellence in teaching, research, and serving the University and the wider community. The History Department offers a B.A. degree in History (with an option of pursuing secondary level teaching preparation), a minor in History, and an M.A. degree in History that combines traditional graduate instruction with training in new digital and media technologies. Our faculty have received praise for their outstanding teaching and scholarship. They offer coursework in a diverse range of geographical fields and time periods, from the classical world to the modern United States. The History Department has designed its degree offerings not only to increase students' historical knowledge, but also to build crucial critical thinking and writing skills. All students develop, practice, and master historical methods that include research, analysis, strategic thinking, writing, and oral presentation. These skills are essential not only for professional historians, but also for a variety of other careers in such fields as education, law, business, and public affairs.

Historical study provides perspective, helping individuals to place their own lives, values, and world events in context, and to recognize the processes of change that have brought us to the present. We are proud of our degree and our students. Please explore our site and contact us if you have any questions at:

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