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History Degree Requirements


History interprets the past for the present by exploring the institutions, ideas, cultures, and creations of people in the context of their time and place. It is focused on change over time—both change of the subjects of study and of historians’ attempts to make sense of those subjects. History ranges over all of recorded human experience, drawing from and placing in context the achievements of the arts, sciences, social sciences, and other humanities.

History students learn to critically evaluate evidence, to sift and organize it fairly and persuasively, to analyze its patterns and meanings, and to integrate it into a broad scope of human experience. Historical study provides perspective, helping individuals and societies to place their own communities, values, and world events in context, and to recognize the processes of change that have brought them to the present.


At the New and Prospective Student Resources link below, you will find program overviews and degree worksheets that will help you meet the requirements for the B.A. program, the B.A. Single Subject program, and the History minor. For further guidance, please consult our Advising page. At the Current Student Resources link below, you will find information about campus-wide student resources, including history tutoring, mental health counseling, and other useful links.

Student Resources      Campus Resources
Bachelor of Arts in History & Program Worksheet Cougar Care Network
B.A. in History, with Single Subject Preparation for Teaching & Program Worksheet Academic Success Center (history tutoring)
Minor in History & Program Worksheet Writing Center
"American Institutions" Graduation Requirement Title IX Office
Careers for History Majors Cougar Pantry
Advising Student Organizations