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Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in History requires 30 units of graduate study, 24 of which must be at the graduate level. Generally, none of the 30 units of course work applied to the Master of Arts degree in History may have been applied toward a previous academic degree, however, in some cases up to 6 graduate history units not earned at CSUSM may be applied by petition. (Only coursework done as a post-baccalaureate student will be considered for application toward the graduate degree.)

Required courses include:

  • History 501: Historical Perspectives on Media (3 units)
  • History 502: History and Applied New Media Technology (3 units)
  • History 601: The Philosophy and Practice of History
  • History 620: Directed Capstone Research, Writing, and Production (6 units completed over two semesters)

Students who do not complete their thesis project in two semesters of History 620 may register for additional semesters of HIST 620, but the units from HIST 620 do not count toward conferral of the degree. The remainder of the units for the degree will consist of 500- or 600-level courses in History, but the department will allow up to two 400-level courses (6 units) to count towards the degree with approval. Additionally, students may apply no more than 6 units of HIST 510 (Experiential Learning in Public History) or 6 units of HIST 699 (Advanced Independent Study in Historical Issues) toward the degree, although they may register for additional semesters of these courses.

For additional information see the Department of History, Master of Arts degree description in the online University Catalog.