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LVN to BSN Admissions Requirements

Application to the LVN to BSN program requires the following: 

  1. Qualify for CSUSM Transfer  
  2. A California LVN License AND  
    1. Vocational Nursing coursework completed at a BVNPT-approved Nursing Program OR
    2. Program approved by a State Board for VN licensure other than in California or equivalent coursework completed through military training; AND completion of LVN coursework at a regionally accredited institution at which college credit is earned for the LVN coursework and is reflected on a college/university transcript from a regionally accredited institution OR 
    3. Equivalent coursework through military training  
  3. Completion of the Pre-Nursing Core, or their equivalents, with at least a grade of C and an overall GPA of 2.75. students are limited to a maximum of two C's in the Pre-Nursing Core Science requirements. California Community college equivalent courses can be found at Select by “major” and “Nursing.” 

Pre-Nursing Core Requirement 

CSUSM Course 

Transfer Coursework 

Oral Communication 

GEO 102 

Any CSU A1 course 

Written Communication 

GEW 101 

CSU A2 course equivalent to our GEW 101 

Critical Thinking 

Any A3 course 

Any CSU A3 course 


MATH 200 

Any CSU B4 Statistics course 

Anatomy or Anatomy/Physiology I 

BIOL 175 

A 4-5 unit Human Anatomy or Anatomy/Physiology I course with lab 

Physiology or Anatomy/Physiology II 

BIOL 176 

A 4-5 unit Human Physiology or Anatomy/Physiology II course with lab 


BIOL 160 

A 4-5 unit Microbiology course with lab 

Inorganic, Organic and Biochemistry 

CHEM 105/105L 

Chemistry course: General, Inorganic, Organic, or *Integrated (with associated lab if required at the institution where the course was taken).  

  • Minimum overall college/university GPA and at least 2.0   
  • Nursing Student Health & Clinical Compliance
  • Fitness for Clinical Practice
  • COVID-19 Vaccinated and Boosted - Applicants to the School of Nursing programs must be vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 upon admission and prior to enrollment. While CSUSM is able to make exceptions based on medical and religious circumstances, School of Nursing programs require vaccination in order to meet clinical requirements. Any student who enrolls in a School of Nursing program and does not show proof of vaccination prior to registration must change their major or withdraw from CSUSM. 
  • Follow the How to Apply to the LVN to BSN steps