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Traditional BSN

About the Program

Our Traditional BSN program, is a pre-licensure program which leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. When students complete this BSN degree they are eligible for licensure as a Registered Nurse in California and certification as a public health nurse.

The program is a three-year sequence (including two, required, 10-week summer terms) of courses that lead to eligibility for licensure as a Registered Nurse and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Courses are offered at variable days and times each term and involve travel to clinical sites in many areas of San Diego County and/or Southwest Riverside County. It is a demanding, full-time program and is not compatible with a heavy outside workload. 

Clinical Placements

Clinical placements are assigned to us through the San Diego and Riverside Nursing Service-Education Consortium.  Clinical locations, days, and times will vary each academic term. If needed, clinical or lecture courses may be scheduled on Saturdays and you may end up at any clinical site for a particular term. Students will be randomly assigned to any clinical location, day, or time. If this is not acceptable, please do not apply for admission to the program.

Applicant Information

The Traditional BSN  is an IMPACTED Program

  • All students must apply for admission to the University for the Traditional BSN.
  • Transfer students interested in the Traditional BSN Program must apply separately to the School of Nursing.