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Estimate of Costs

The below table is intended to give you an idea of what costs to expect your first semester.  Please keep in mind that many of these purchases (textbooks, health tote, uniform, stethoscope, etc.) will be used throughout the duration of the program.

First Semester / Start-Up Costs
Item Cost
Background Check / Drug Screen
$78 min
Online Health Compliance Account $45 + $24/yr
Immunizations Varies
Medical Clearance Varies
CPR Certification $55 approx
Health Insurance Varies
Uniforms Varies
Shoes Varies
Stethoscope Varies
Health Tote $200
ATI $1,238 + tax
Textbooks Varies

After the first semester you can expect continued expenses for textbooks, gas, and other living expenses. There is also a $71 expense to repeat your background check and drug screen prior to the pediatric rotation.